CD Review: Angerhead - Fueled By Rage EP (2016)

A oldschool thrash EP with slightly mixed in elements of other styles such as hardcore and classic metal. If you prefer your metal heavy and brutal like in the old days when thrash was directly going all on it without any ado then this recording is all for you.

Short Introduction

Angerhead is a San Jose, California based band that was started in February 2011 by Guitarist Eric Beard (Dr.Chunk, Xzanthus) and Vocalist Paul Hastey (Plaster), who expertly blend elements of Bay Area Thrash, Metal, Punk and Hardcore into the music they write.The band is rounded out by Bassist Jim Pegram (Mudface, Imagika, Skinner) and drummer David O'Neal (Stormy Strong).

In 2013, Angerhead went in the studio and recorded a 3 song EP, which featured the title track "Angerhead" with Paul sharing vocal duties with Steve "Zetro" Souza (Exodus, Hatriot).

In 2014, they entered the studio once again, this time with Juan Urteaga (Machine Head, Testament) and recorded the "Headful of Hate" 4 song Ep which has gained the bands even more fans.

2016 sees the band releasing their new new 5 song "Fueled by Rage" EP, once again with Juan Urteaga at the helm. The EP is currently available for free download from the band's Reverbnation page.

The cover of the "Fueled By Rage EP", (c) by Angerhead, used with kind permission

This EP comes directly to the point. No long debate, no questioning around - Angerhead are going in straight and make CLEAR what's on their mind. This is one of the kind recordings that fits best when you're filled with agression and negativity and need to let go of it. "Fueled By Rage" will help you to do so.

Sometimes in all the heavyness you'll witness potions that are mixed in of other styles of the heavy genre. But those elements are few and perfectly fit to the track. There is some variation in on this EP, it's not all just fast forward. So in all the obvious brutality that is perfectly expressed by the vocals and the heavy production you'll always have spots to discover. That's something that's not easy to get by. You need some rounds to come around all of those diamonds mixed in. Not many records out there have this.

For instance "So cold" obviously is a very heavy and straight number but the refrain is set in a bit slower form and tonality and gives some variation into the number. "Face the fear" is another good example for this. Typically direct to the point but the track is a bit more relaxed in it's structure and the refrain well worked into the way the hole song is build upon. The package is greatly rounded by a proper cover of Motörheads "Iron Fist" in Angerheads own formula - very cool yet very faithfull to the original.

Player / Purchase Link

It's a little sensation: a band put's out a brand new EP and gives it away for free as a download. It's hard to believe. I remember times where stuff like this one was up for purchase and it was the normal way to buy it if you wanted to own a copy. So without any further ado here's the link to Reverbnation where you can get your free download or stream the whole mini album directly from the player below.
Maybe you can reward the band with buying some merch or going to one of their shows. Remember that music needs your support to survive - it's your vote that counts.

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Stay in touch with the band by having a look on their homepage from time to time or let yourselves notify through Facebook about news from the band. 

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