Eternal Voyager reveals upcoming album details & tourdates

The power metal band Eternal Voyager came as a fine surprise to me. Their old school attempt on metal music and the way they produce their tracks feels great to me in this often overloaded soundscapes of today.

The band logo of Eternal Voyager, (c) by Eternal Voyager, used with kind permission

The band is currently in the studio to record their second album and let's us sneak inside with the following statement from Vocalist / Guitarist Brian Blake:

"We are well on our way into the recording process of our upcoming new second album titled "Darkened Times", which will be mastered by guitarist / producer Stu "The Hammer" Marshall (Death Dealer / Blasted to Static / Zephaniah / Vanlade / Corners of Sanctuary) at his Frontier studio in Sydney, Australia.

We are hoping to release this monster ripping album during this upcoming summer or at the latest in fall 2016. It just depends on when we can record additional drum tracks, even though we have our own studio now, we are not set for drum recordings as of yet.

We also have plans to shoot one or two music videos during the coming months for the songs "Winds of Fire" and possibly the title track "Darkend Times", so we are currently very busy."

In addition the band is going to do a couple of shows starting already in a few days, here are the exact dates:

Eternal Voyager upcoming shows

4/15/16 - The Hexagon - Minneapolis,Minnesota

4/16/16 - EveryBody's Bar & Grill - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

5/29/16 - The Hexagon - Minneapolis,Minnesota (supporting Iron Kingdom)

The band from left to right: Mike Durenberger, Jeff Igelsrud, Brian Blake, Micah Devereaux, Kurt Johnson, (c) by Eternal Voyager, used with kind permission
Make sure to follow the next steps of the band by taking a look on their website from time to time or connect with them via Facebook.

If you haven't heard them before here's a track taken from the first album "The Battle Of Eternity" to give you a idea of the band's sound.

We at Metal Underdogs also had the chance to talk to Brian Blake a while ago about the first album and how the band came together. You can find the full interview right here.

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