Helion Prime release uplifting video for "Life Finds a Way"

"Music is healing." (Author unknown)

I found this quote some time ago on Facebook. I totally belive in this. Why?

If you look and hear videos like this brand new one of the powermetal band Helion Prime I'm sure you can't resist the positive vibes that flow through the music. It's like the melodies can make you fly, as if the vocals of Heather Michele can break through the all and every wall of negativity there is in life.

As for me it's crushing down a lot of bad feelings with it's superb melodies, riffing and rhythm and it has this sort of uplifting effect for me. It takes me away from feeling bad and brings me into a state of power. It pushes me to carry on with all the things in my life. Do you feel the same?

The song is taken of Helion Prime's self titled debut cd which has been independently released on February 15, 2016 and can be ordered as either a physical or digital copy at the band's Bandcamp website. The cover alone has teased me enough to take a closer look upon this release. Make sure to listen to the whole record on the Bandcamp page. A diamond no one should oversee in my eyes.

The cover of the first Helion Prime album. (c) by Helion Prime, used with kind permission

If you decide to pick up a physical copy you'll receive a booklet with lyrics, additional artwork, and credits.

Make sure to follow the band further on through their own website or mark their Facebook page with a like.

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