Progdeathmetal band Infernal Outcry release foreboding filmclip

I always wonder how far even female voices are prepared to go. This one here is from the more brutal end of the metal spectrum. It's the progressive death metal band Infernal Outcry who gifts us with a special filmclip. And one word in advance: the music is just great! A perfect balance between progressive elements and straight death metal passages while the vocals are for sure set in the deep region but nevertheless they are understandable and express the message with agressive and fitting vocal lines.

The video itself comes around as an epic Five and a Half minute short film. The clip shows a man's struggle with time and humanity's reckless destruction of the Earth via it's nonchalance and ignorance. A man literally out of time. A foreboding message about the over-population of the Earth and the reluctance to care for the Planet which sustains us... but for how long?

Infernal Outcry’s debut "Mass Extinction Requiem I" was produced by legend of the Australian Metal scene, Joe Haley (Psycroptic) and released on 18th March 2016, thanks to a grant from Tasmanian Regional Arts Fund. You can purchase the song of the video as well as the full EP both digitally and as a physical copy in the shop of the band's website or on Bandcamp.

The band Infernal Outcry from Tasmania, (c) by Infernal Outcry, used with kind permission
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