Abraham Sarache looks at relationsships in a sophisticated way

Sometimes real special stuff arrives to my inbox. This particular one is one of these things that picked my attention. I think it's a good thing to have a look on other music than the one you use to listen to or stuff that falls in between the so often mentioned genre borders.

This track of multi-instrumentalist Abraham Sarache mixes up a lot of acoustic guitars along with hard hitting drumming plus deeply emotional vocals all over it. The pretty amazing thing is that besides the heavyness that comes from the pushing and hard hitting drums there's enough space in the sound for the feelings and that the guitars gladly never get lost so there's always a melody going through the whole track.

Check it out for yourselves and mark your Facebook calenders since Abraham Sarache will play a special release show in support of the album "The Gardener" (from which this track has been taken) at Volta in Amsterdam on June 24th. The show will be recorded for a future live release.
You can purchase the track or the whole record now from iTunes and Spotify. 

"The Gardener" is an alt/progressive rock concept album with the inclusion of folk instruments like ukulele and Venezuelan cuatro. To express the feelings involved, different kinds of voice registers are provided: from a soft, melodious or whispered voice to raspy voice. Various pads and synthesizers are used to give depth and warmth to the songs where an acoustic guitar with a low tuning predominates. A multicultural composition on the instrumental level and a progressive rhythmic base create an exquisite atmosphere of imbalance and peculiarity.

The philosophy behind the album is based on the fact that in any interpersonal relationship, whether it is a friendship or a romantic connection, there is a duality between the one that participates in an active way (The Gardener) and the one that does it in a passive way (The Flower).

“All of us at some point of our lives have a role of a gardener and in other moments we are flowers,” Sarache commented.

“We can all identify ourselves as the Gardener when we talk about a person we were looking after because we liked him or her, we wanted to know more about this person or we just wanted to spend more time with them, no matter what. We simply did everything possible to make things work.

The cover of Abraham Sarache's album "The Gardener", (c) by Abraham Sarache, used with kind permission

“On the other hand, we have been also in situations when someone was interested in us in a special way, but the feeling was not mutual. We still wanted to maintain a relationship because we liked other aspects of that person's character. To this behavior I refer to as the Flower,” he continues.

“The Crush: Eyes of Fire” which opens The Gardener was awarded as the Best Alternative Rock Song by The Akademia Music Awards in May 2015. Sarache released a video single for the song, and he commented: “This is a very special video for me. My first video as a solo artist showing parts of my everyday in Madrid and Margarita Island where concept album The Gardener was conceived and recorded.”

For the upcoming show at Volta in Amsterdam on June 24th, Abraham Sarache will be joined by Dutch alternative/progressive rockers Amikdla. Visit Abraham Sarache's official website here.

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