Album preview: Vortex - The Asylum

Ok, let's sneak a bit into a upcoming record. We haven't done this in a whle here on the blog but this new album trailer of the canadian metal band Vortex somehow got me.

The band Vortex, (c) by Vortex, used with kind permission

Besides the growls there's something in the compact and pure sounding recordings that found my attention.

I think it's the coolness of how the band performs the different song segments. It's also the many changes in the song structures that made me like them. It doesn't get montone so quickly and most of all with the lighter overall feeling the sound remains enjoyable while still staying in a heavy tonality.

The brand new record "The Asylum" will be shipped out on Friday the 13 via their label PRC music. You can pre-order the silver disc on the website of the label. So it looks as if that day will hopefully not be a black friday. :-)

Check out Vortex's Facebook page to see a video for a first full song of the album.

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