Scarleth ask the sense of mind manipulation in new virtual reality video

Scarleth have premiered a great video about changing and altering your memories by replacing them with virtual reality. The great thing besides the blasting refrain that perfectly brings the message up to the point is the fact that the whole video comes packed in a style that looks like a video game / virtual reality itself and tells the story step by step to the viewer.

The lyrics are placed cleverly into the video as sort of advert messages or messages that are shown from a computer system. A excellent piece of video, I've not seen such a great mixture of story based video along with the lyrics. Don't hesitate and have a look for yourselves:

The track appears on their newest album called "The Silver Lining" and has been released in July 2015 by their label The Leaders. The band's webshop lists several ways how you can purchase the record.

Scarleth is a remarkable and experienced Ukrainian metal band playing music on joint of modern heaviness and diverse melodism. For the time being the band has played several hundreds of live shows, released two full-length albums worldwide and took part in festivals where Sergey Mavrin, Cherniy Obelisk, Dark Lunacy and other famous bands performed. The band’s style is expanding constantly and represents mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres - from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. 

The band Scarleth, (c) by Scarleth, used with kind permission
The band will play some shows in the upcoming time, here are the dates:

09.07.2016     Glukhov           Severnye Zemli bike fest
16.07.2016     Illichevsk     Metropolis Arena     BLACK SEA METAL FESTIVAL III
31.07.2016     Kiev     Druzhby Narodiv park     Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival    
20.08.2016     Rechytsa           Metal Crowd Festival  

Make sure to keep a eye upon the band through their own web presence or Facebook. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel so you won't miss out on further video updates.

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