Sludgehammer share massive guitar attack studio performance video

Today's bands give so much - it has become completly unbelieveable in my eyes how massive the level of skill and power is that metal bands provide the listeners with. Nearly all the combos out there perform massively blasting their way with sheer power and finesse using their instruments up to it's limits.

A good example for this is the band Sludgehammer from Toronto, Canada. Set to unleash their debut full length album 'The Fallen Sun' officially on June 10th the band has posted a new music video for their track 'Carrion Eater' in advance of the record release. If you would like to be one of the first to hear the new tracks go to the CD release show on on May 28th at Peterborough, ON - w/ Cryptelisk, Sacrificed Alliance, Anthropophagy - check Facebook for more info. The band will have the brand new record with them for sale on the good old silver discs.

L-R - Chris Szarota - Vocals, Jeff Wilson - Guitars, Tyler Williams - Guitars, Dan Ayers - Bass/Vocals, Fernando Villalobos- Drums
Photo Credit: Hayden John Wolf
The music as for me can be best described as a mixture of the power of Pantera mixed up with a lot of progressive elements and also a slight bit of Testament. The main trademarks of Sludgehammer source of  the dynamic vocal performances from lead vocalist Chris Szarota and bassist Dan Ayers, along with a showcase of mind bending guitar solos, heavy riffs and a blistering drumming fury. If you watch the in-studio footage you can sometimes hardly trust your eyes what these guys are able to perform on their instruments.

The album "The Fallen Sun" was self-produced by the band and mixed by guitarist Tyler Williams and mastered by world renowned producer & engineer Lasse Lammert (Gloryhammer, Alestorm, Teramaze) at LSD Studio in Germany.

Don't forget to stay in touch with the band so you won't miss out on more details of the album release and more annoucements using Facebook, Twitter or Bandcamp.

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