SpiteFuel prove that they will "Never Surrender" with first single

After Strangelet called it quits only roughly a month ago I was sceptic if the new formation called SpiteFuel would be able to carry on the torch that has been ignited with the "First Bite" album. You know when such great releases come along it's always hard to go on after that. That album blew me away like a storm so it was a high mark the new band would have to take.

But they made it! They once again charmed me enough with these mega refrain so I couldn't get off listening to the track. It's after all for sure a bit heavier than the previous material was but it still feels authentic.

You can feel that the main spirit that has been the core of Strangelet has been faithfully taken care of and is alive and well in this new song as well. The new heavyness tightens the material for sure but it never feels as if the old glance has left. It moreover shines in new colors. But enough of me speaking - have a taste for yourselves in the player below.

The new track "Never Surrender" will be available soon on iTunes, Spotify and the like for purchase. I'll update the article with proper links as soon as I receive them.

Right now there's also a limited physical edition available as a special promo CD. If you purchase any item of the band in the webshop of MDD Records (T-Shirts, Hood Zippers and patches and more are available) or at the shows of the band at the merch booth you'll receive one disc with the song on it for free with your purchase (this goes of course only as long as stocks will last).

The limited edition of the first SpiteFuel single "Never Surrender", (c) by MDD Records, used with kind permission

The band will play the following shows in Germany in 2016:
10. September - Birthday Massacre with The New Black, Wilanzheim
22. October - The Ranch Festival, Hechingen
05. November - Bonfire Support, ROFA Bad Friedrichshall
30. Dezember - Red River Party with Wild Rider, Heilbronn

Shows in 2017
11. März 2017 - Rock im Wildpark, Bad Mergentheim

A full length album is scheduled for release in spring 2017 via MDD Records.

Don't forget to like SpiteFuel on Facebook so you won't miss out on further updates in the meantime.

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