Thrash metal opera about Poe's The Raven released by Chris Violence

Have you ever heard of a epic 34 minute long performed in the thrash genre? Neither did I. So it did more than surprise me that there is someone out there that made a attempt to do exactly this.

A collaboration of six people around the globe brought together by vocalist Chris Violence made this happen and not only did they work on the musical side of the track but he also added the epic theme of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" to the music which gives trying this out a even more thrilling touch.

It's nearly unbelieveable that he share's the song as a free download both in mp3 and also wave format available from his homepage. If you prefer to listen plus reading the lyrics all the while I've got the official lyric video here for you.

Finally it's one of the seldom times that the creator of the music gives a epic insight into how the music came together. That's something I've ever wanted to get to know and this time we can finally have a look into the making of in detail. Please take the time to read the following it's a quite long story but worth holding on 'till the very end. Just one more for all those you dislike reading: make sure to follow Chris Violence via his own blog, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube account.

"At the end of 2014 and following the release of the "American Ripper" album, Jon Du Bose and I were already talking about what was next. He had an idea for a concept album / EP that would be five parts, would be recorded as one long track and broken into five pieces later on when I wrote the lyrics for them all. Along with this five part concept idea, he recorded what would become the song "Push Button Pain".

Jon then went to work on this five part mega track. He feverishly worked away, giving me updates as he went. He was like a ravenous dog, tearing through the writing and recording process. Once he started, there was no stopping him. What he presented me in February 2015 was simply insane! It was a twisted Speed Thrash epic on a proportion I had never heard before. It was meant to be five parts that all linked together. The pieces congealed at the end bringing all the pieces back together again.

Once he handed it to me, I began listening to it. All 23 plus minutes of it. It was a beast! Speed Metal riffs to end all Speed Metal riffs. Guitar picking so precise and clean. This piece of music demonstrates once again what an amazing guitar player / bass player / song writer / composer Jon Du Bose really is. But what to do with it all? How do I digest it and find a subject big enough and worthy enough to be added to such a piece of music? Where would the breaks go? I was stymied.

The cover of the epic Thrash metal opera "The Raven", (c) by Chris Violence, used with kind permission

Next, enter Maxxxwell Carlisle (lead guitarist of Hellion). In 2015, while doing my "Traveling Damnation Show" on Metal World Radio, I interviewed Maxxxwell while he was promoting his current album. Off the air, I asked him if there was a chance he would be interested in putting a solo on one of Jon and I’s upcoming tracks. Even though I had nothing with vocals on it, I couldn’t pass up the chance to have Maxxxwell on something! I sent him a few tracks, including what was then tentatively called “5 Realms”, Jon’s mega epic. I figured Maxxxwell would pick something simple and short, but instead he went all in with “5 Realms”. At the time he was on the road with Hellion, so I wasn’t sure how or when he would get me a solo back, let alone where in the track it would be. I continued to work on other songs, still thinking of a subject that would be worthy of this massive body of music when I received an email from Maxxxwell with the track with the solo attached. I had no idea where in the song it would be, so my first listen was with open ears. He chose one of the most unlikely (to me) spots in the track. A section in the first one third of the song that is slow and moody and he nailed it. I’m not sure anyone could have found a way to blend into the expression Jon laid out, but it is perfect. In a track with so much going on, he found a way to add to it without stepping on it. Simply amazing!

But what do I do with the vocals?

Rewind back a year or so, before Jon recorded this monster…While surfing YouTube I stumbled across Christopher Walken reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I remembered briefly speaking to Jon about the ridiculous idea of doing that as a song. But as quickly as the idea popped into my head, I dismissed it. With Jon being in North Carolina and I in California, it would just be too huge of an undertaking and with that, the idea was gone.

Still facing a lack of subject matter, idea’s came and went. Lyrical concepts were started and stopped, started and stopped. Nothing seemed worthy of this grand masterpiece Jon had created and Maxxxwell had added too. The subject had to be as massive as the track itself. But what?

Then one night, with headphones on, listening yet again to this track for the upteenth time, hoping for inspiration, it hit me! Could “The Raven” fit on Jon’s epic? A quick google search found the words and upon first playback I was in utter shock how they fit. And they didn’t just fit “OK”, they fit perfectly!

The song you will soon hear, is complete in it’s entirety, unedited in any way. Neither the music that Jon presented me, nor the poem written by Mr. Poe in January 1845. Start to finish, it is as both pieces were written.

Over the next 6 months I recorded the poem of Mr Poe. At times I was forced to stop and google words I had never even heard before. Words that are very much out of the lexicon of 21st century man. I needed to learn not only their pronunciation but their meaning. I wanted to know what the hell I was saying and meaning in order to give the proper expression to the words in their delivery.

The process was grueling. 8 hour days, month after month. Recording and re-recording. My two biggest fears were, the song was so long that:

A) my voice would warm up and change from beginning to end and there would be a noticeable difference from start to finish.

B) the beginning’s delivery would start out “Hot” and I would run out of expressive steam and the end of the song would be dry and dead.

The challenge of keep the energy across the whole 23 plus minutes with complete continuity was one I was thinking about through the whole process. Along with the realization that I may have to go back once completed to re-record the beginning so the vocals would sound the same. Thankfully this wasn’t an issue and I had no problems with my voice through the whole process.

The truth is, Edgar Allan Poe’s poem was so strong, that the energy was easy to uphold.

Chris Violence performing live, (c) by Chris Violence, used with kind permission

In the end, the hardest part of the whole process was pronunciation and speed of delivery. The words are delivered rapid fire as Jon’s speed metal picking tears through the musical sections. Line after line, paragraph after paragraph, page after page, one thousand and eighty five words in all. At the end of the recording process I was truly exhausted, physically and mentally. For me, music is more of a “feel good” than it is a mathematical structure. If something is missing, my mind’s eye sees it instantly. Vocal alignments, corrections, whispers, echoes…all scream out to me as voids that must be filled or corrected. If one word is misaligned it cuts into me like a knife until it’s corrected. And so, many more months clicked by as these details were ironed out, one by one. Listening to the song four times to find anomalies eats up two hours of the day, sometimes to only make a few minor corrections. It was tedious work. But as the months went by, the more the continuity came into picture, the fluidity came into picture and the brilliance of it all came into picture.

Next, enter Matheus Manente, musician, composer and producer from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I met Matheus through Jon’s Headphone Meditations radio show on Metal World Radio. Jon was playing Matheus’ music and he was also in the chatroom on MWR. We had chatted many times during Jon’s shows. Jon expressed to me that it might be possible to have Matheus mix and master our newest (August 2015) track "Push Button Pain". Matheus was kind enough to do it and the final version is the one you can download for free on my website. When "Push Button Pain" was complete, Jon told me he had spoken to Matheus again about The Raven. I was a bit apprehensive about asking him, since I knew what a beast this track was. Vocal tracks alone numbered close to twenty, plus all the instrumentation. But Jon reached out and Matheus was kind enough to accept the challenge and what a challenge it would be.

After I felt I had finally finished the vocals, it was handed off to Matheus for him to do his magic. There was a piece of me that still felt there were some holes in the song, some “empty spots”. Jon and I spoke and he assured me that if there were “holes” Matheus could fill them. And fill them he did…

The logo of Chris Violence, (c) by Chris Violence, used with kind permission

The first mixes came back only a few weeks after he had the tracks. The sound was filling in, little tiny nuances were coming into focus on the vocal side of things and Matheus heard the same things Jon and I heard, that now with the vocals in place, you could hear there needed to be some more lead guitar work. Matheus is beyond prolific in this regard and the parts he added, much like Maxxxwell, blended and added to the overall beauty of the story. The energy of the whole song was reaching full power! We worked together ironing out vocal effects that I liked, small volume adjustments, the standard fare in the mixing process.

Next enter Brazilian foley artist Danilo Battistini. As it was explained to me in an email: “He got interested in The Raven after he saw our updates on Facebook, got in touch with me and created a very nice original sound design, based on the poem, specially for us!”

Danilo created a masterful 25-30 second intro that brings it all together. In that tiny amount of time he expresses everything Edgar Allan Poe was saying in his one thousand and eighty five words. It is not only beautiful, it is also very haunting, on the edge of terrifying.

So now, after almost two years of work, by six different people from all over the globe, one of which has been dead for over 149 years this project is ready for release. There is no way to accurately calculate the man hours invested. All I can hope is that you will give it an uninterrupted listen in the highest format of playback you can."


CD Review: Ways. - Watching From Afar EP (2016)

In short a hardcore EP with a clear aim: to bring in fresh elements to a well known genre. Ways. carefully thought out their songs and created a listening experience both being familar and surprising alltogether.

Short Introduction

Ways. are a rock / metal / alternative band from Paris, France. In April the band released their debut EP Watching From Afar. The band first came to my attention when I saw their video for the song "Misty Hope" which made me more than looking forward to their first record. A great track and teaser to this EP.

The cover of "Watching From Afar", (c) by Ways. , used with kind permission


Listening to this very first release of Ways. quickly will let you identify it has a music of the hardcore genre. The typical elements like the harsh vocals and the strong and strict song structures are easily identifiable.

But it's also clear after a short time that the band ever had the idea in their mind to give new impulses to this. There are hacked riffs in there as well as timing variations ("My Blue Stain"), you'll be confronted with silence packed in the loud message of "Misty Hope" just to reach a hardcore half-ballad with "Something to say..." and come to the end with "Twenty First Sectuary" which closes the release with the classic hardcore style but mixed up with a slight fun-riff. I think you'll be surprised to hear how this sounds but it will leave you with a smile and the good feeling behind.

If you still prefer to stick to some old hardcore sounds don't worry: the second track "As A Duty" offers this so the old core of the genre is not forgotten from this band at all.

Player / Purchase-Link

The EP comes around as a pay what you want offer on Bandcamp. Sure you can pick it up for free but please keep in mind that young bands need a push at the start so they can progress further. If you help them out with a few bucks who knows how their next release may sound like? Or how the tracks sound live? You can help to make this happen by giving a amount of your choice.

Other places such as Spotify, iTunes and Google Play can also be used to stream and buy the "Watching From Afar" EP.

Contact Data

Ways. have some nice social outlets up and running out there, you can choice between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


UK Event Incendia Insights provides vital info for young bands

I'm glad I got this info on a networking event that should help young bands to get the information on how to overcome some of the obstacles they face each and every day.

This conference will take place in Camden / UK and it's aim is to transfer some of the knowledge of the speakers that have experience and knowledge about the needs and working mechanism of today's music business. Check the info below to find out if it's worth attending.

The Incendia Insights event and its speakers currently feature the likes of In De Goot Entertainment, Red Essential, Sony Music, Kerrang! TV, Napalm Records, ASYLUMseventy7, Metal Hammer, Hold Tight PR and more. 

The informal set up of panel discussions at Incendia Insights will allow for those attending to gain a real insight to the workings of the contemporary music industry from the perspective of the Rock and Metal world, and will allow for an opportunity to ask those all important questions at the Q&A at the end of each talk.

Current speakers announced:

Lulu Davis- Incendia Music, Founder (Host)
Alex Berry- Label Manager, Red Essential
Tye Hunter- Digital Operations, Sony Music
Mark Adams- Music Director at Box Plus Network (Kerrang! TV)
Wally Van Middendorp- In De Goot Entertainment/Napalm Records UK
Liam Spencer- The Daily Dischord Agency (Empire, Press to Meco, Now, Voyager)
Tom Lynam- Kontraband Merch (Bring Me The Horizon, Pvris, Enter Shikari)
Mark Leary- ASYLUMseventy7 (Graphic Design for Earache Records and Incendia)
Eleanor Goodman- Features Editor, Metal Hammer
Hannah Gillicker- Account Manager (Broadcast/Online), Hold Tight PR
Paul Matthews- Producer/Engineer, Paul Matthews Music Production (I Am Giant)
Daniel Andrew- A&R, Metropolis Studios/Publishing

The poster for the Incendia Insights event, (c) by Incendia Music Management

This intimate event will take place at The Black Heart on Saturday 16th July 2016 from 12-5pm.

Tickets start at £35 for Early Birds, £30 for students (ID must be provided) and will increase to £50 from July 1st.

Limited availability. Goody bags and refreshments will be provided.

Purchase tickets at incendiainsights.bigcartel.com 

The proceeds from this initial event will go into hosting the next event with a more extensive list of speakers, plus a band showcase after the workshops.

You can check out more details of the event on the Facebook event page and also make sure to invite others who might be interested in this as well. More info on the hosting company can be found on the homepage of Incendia Music Management.

Host Lulu Davis of Incendia Music Management has specialised in developing bands through management, PR and booking over the past 5 years, and now wants to collaborate with other music industry moguls to educate and inform bands and aspiring industry as to how everything works. She was recently long-listed in Music Week's 30 Under 30, and spoke at Global Rock Summit in Los Angeles back in April.


Let's speak with...Eternal Voyager (2016)

Eternal Voyager are a truemetal/powermetal band from Minneapolis. Their first album "The Battle Of Eternity" is a great record, a fine discovery for all the fans of bands like Omen, Iced Earth and Hammerfall. If you prefer your music oldschool in both songwriting and production aspects you should give this band a try.

The band Eternal Voyager, (c) by Eternal Voyager, used with kind permission
The band is currently busy recording the second album "Darkened Times" as well as preparing one or two new videos and playing shows. Happily Brian Blake, guitarist and vocalist of Eternal Voyager took the time to answer my questions anyway so have a look on his thoughts about social media, inspiration, digital vs. traditional media, motivation and what strange things may happen when you play a gig...

Heavy Metal Underdogs: How did the band come together?
Brian Blake: Well I am the founder of the band so i started, writing songs well over 15 years ago and, there's been alot of line up changes, over the years. But the resent one came about, In the last couple of years and so far is the best. It was always hard, to find the right guys, but now it's happened. I met them through a couple at a local event, and the others through a musician finding site.

Which sources do you use as inspiration for writing new songs?

alot things really, the musical influences I had growing up and till now, life. It's always been about the true spirit of metal for me, staying true to your beliefs and doing what what u really want to.

Do you feel that writing and performing music helps you to push on further with your own personal lifes?
absolutely, it's the biggest inspiration for me, it's my life therapy. If I didn't do it, or don't do music, I turn ont o a person no one wants to be around. It's that important for me.

Social media surely plays a big role in the communcation between a band and their fans. Do you feel that fans contact you more or less personally at gigs these days?
yeah I think it helps alot, some people may disagree, but it's great for then and business part of it, u can talk with people from all over the world, very easy and yes fans can connect with us directly as well.

Do you still prefer releasing music on traditional media like LPs, CDs and the like or do you feel the same satisfaction when putting out music digitally?

we sell both so people can get it in all forms, but i personally love hard copies of albums, i have a huge and ever-growing collection myself, and I could never just own a digital copy. That's not what metal collecting is about, for me. I like to be able to have a tangible copy that I can look at pics and lyrics in. It's not the same with a digital copy. it's also better quality with a real copy.

The cover of "The Battle Of Eternity" album, (c) by Eternal Voyager, used with kind permission

Have you ever experimented with other styles over the years and thought about changing?
no not really, so different styles come out naturally, of course like trash, black, or folk, but we have been and always will be power heavy true metal. I guess that the style if you will. I think it's best to just write how u feel, and this is what come natural for me. I'd never change the core of what we do, it's not who I am, and the fans wouldn't appreciate it.

Did you come along points where you thought about leaving it all behind? If you reached that point: how did you keep the motivation up to move on? 
well of course it's been very tough to keep doing this, and yes there's been some time when u want to give up, because things don't work out and u get frustrated. But I could never walk away, it's who I am, and it's what I need to be creative. I've had moments like alot of people have in this business, where, ask your self why is this so hard, but if it was easy , I don't think a person would appreciate it as much when u have successful things happen. Metal is life!

What was the funniest story that came along your way when you performed live? Or did things happen that you would have never thought of to occur (not only at gigs but maybe anywhere else as well)?
well that is a tough question, because we had a few crazy things happen. Years ago we when we were a young and very different band, we were playing a gig at a club and there was only a small crowd just sitting at tables watching and not really knowing what to think of what we were doing, and all of a sudden this random guy, just come flying in all by himself and starts moshing and slam dancing all around and then just went right out the back door, and left. We all looked eachother and didn't know what to think. But yes many stories, to many to tell. Thanks for your time and stay metal!!!

The band has some shows this summer / early fall. Check this Facebook post for the exact dates and flyer and make sure you won't miss them out. A good show always can give you a heads up and charge you with the power everyone needs to move on with their lives.

Follow Eternal Voyager through their website or Facebook.


Hellfest livestream coming up next weekend

Finally we arrived at wednesday - the middle of the week. Time to see what the weekend may bring. This time you're in for another treat. :-)

Hellfest 2016 is coming to a screen near you.
The french Hellfest is going to be broadcasted in 2016 and big and small bands have already been confirmed to have their sets shown online. Currently the schedule looks like this:

Friday 17th June 2016 (all times MEST)

Altar & Temple Stage

18:35 Inquisition
19:30 Sacred Reich
20:30 Korpiklaani
21:35 Overkill
22:40 Aura Noir
23:45 Testament
00:45 Abbath


17:40 Turbonegro
18:35 Bullet For My Valentine
19:40 Mass Hysteria (Différé)
20:45 Volbeat
22:05 Dropkick Murphys
00:45 The Offspring

Saturday 18th June 2016

Altar & Temple Stage

17:40 Entombed A.D.
18:35 Archgoat
19:30 Asphyx
20:25 Moonsorrow
21:20 Terrorizer
22:15 Primordial
23:15 Napalm Death
01:00 Dark Funeral


17:40 Sick Of It All
18:35 Joe Satriani
19:30 Disturbed
01:00 Korn

Sunday 19th June 2016

Alatr & Temple Stage

17:40 Insomnium
18:35 Taake
20:30 Empyrium
21:30 Grand Magus
22:35 Enslaved
00:45 Deicide


15:50 Tarja
17:40 Blind Guardian
19:40 Amon Amarth
20:45 Megadeth
22:05 Ghost

You can find the overlook page right here on the ARTE concert page. Just select the date and stage you want to see and the link will take you to a subpage with the stream on it.

Underneath every stream you can also find the updated schedule for each broadcast. Things may be changed so make sure to check in every here and there to keep up to date.


CD Review: Celestial Ruin - Pandora EP (2016)

Do you remember the myth of the box of the Pandora? It is greek mystery about a ancient box holding a lot of evil. In today's context it is often used as a phrase expressing that with a small decision one can cause a lot of negative consequence as a result.
How would it sound like if you opened up the box of the Pandora? The symphonic band Celestial Ruin has created a record that could be a soundtrack to such a experience. Open the box right now. There's no risk for you this time but a lot of great music you can find...


It's a deep and meaningfull record. Besides the obvious female symphonic surface this output has a lot more to offer than similar EPs. It starts with the song structures which build up in a more clever way. It's far more subtle and you need to listen closely so you won't miss out on the fine elements that are kept inside.

The songs build up step by step through a good part of the duration and often redemption awaits at the end rewarding you for your listening patience. Overall the music comes around in a slower tempo compared to other band's of the same genre but if you prefer a intense, emotion-breathing atmosphere over fast rhtyhm patterns you will find a lot of satisfaction through listening to the Pandora EP.

It's a intense experience reflecting a lot of passion that has gone into the making of Pandora. You'll feel this when you take a closer ear to the guitar solos, the powerfull vocals and the overall fine-tuned sound package the whole band banned on tape.

The cover of Celestial Ruin's Pandora EP, (c) by Celestial Ruin, used with kind permission

Meaning of the lyrics

Lyrically the EP talks a lot about life experiences. They are thought out in detail and every track comes with a deep and meaningfull message. I'll list up a resume statement below so you have a idea of what the lyrics are all about.

Vocalist Larissa Dawn comments on the tracks of the EP:

“All the lyrics on "Pandora" were written about unleashing destruction into the world. Chaos caused by all the pain that negative emotions can create. A sort of cause and effect scenario. Each of the songs tells a different story and explores what happens when you make the wrong decision or fail to make any decision at all. Remaining stagnant and letting the world collapse in on you. The only song that kind of swerves from this theme is "No Quarter", this song is more of a movie told through song. It follows the story of infamous pirate Davy Jones and the battle that ensues between him and a rival ship.

Pandora has a much darker feel to it and I hope it paints different pictures in peoples minds when they hear it. I want them to be able to imagine exactly what is going on, like it's their own personal movie.”


You can pick up a digital copy of "Pandora" through the band's homepage or order one of the silver discs that are available there as well. Alternatively you can buy a digital copy via iTunes.

Please support such outworked creations with your purchase. Bands can only survive and continue with your own personal support. They'll thank you with more music and concerts taking you far away from your everyday troubles.

Connect with Celestial Ruin through the well known social channels such as Facebook, Twitter or add them on Youtube to your watch list.


French version of Download Festival to be streamed live plus VOD

Yeah, Open Airs are going on to no end in the upcoming months and so do the livestreams. :-)

More Open Air stuff is going to be recorded and streamed by ARTE concert

Just got the news coming in that the french version of the traditional Download Festival is going to be streamed online via ARTE concert this year. You can watch it on the subpage of ARTE concert or directly here since the people behind the TV station have been so kind to let the people share the stream via their website/blogs.

And this is what you can expect to see (all times MEST):

Update 2016/06/11: the complete schedule for the livestream along with the recorded material has been released:

15:00 Lofofora
16:00 Avatar (Replay)
17:00 Children of Bodom
18:00 Beartooth (Replay)
19:00 Rival Sons
20:00 Apocalyptica (Replay)

Sunday 12th June 2016

15:00h  Lofofora
17:00h  Children of Bodom
19:00h  Rival Sons

More stuff from the other festival days including bands like APOCALYPTICA / AVATAR / BEARTOOTH will be available on the streaming page as videos on demand. That's also the place where you can find more information on the bands if you don't know them yet.


Pryti uses music and video to express her darker feelings

I've found out that music can speak to me and others much more than other ways of art ever could do. The same thought may have been one of the reasons for Pryti to start writing music. She is a Alternative / Singer Songwriter based in Birmingham / UK.

Her influences range from Sarah Mclachlan to Deftones and I think you can hear that a lot in the video single for the track "Bitter Pill".  Pryti wrote, sang, played the guitars and bass on all of the songs of her debut album ‘Tales of a Melancholic’, and released it on her label Welcome To Pariahville.

In a statement about the track Pryti pointed out: "Bitter Pill is a dark song about struggling and trying to explain how you feel. I love how the video captures that."

As for me this one comes with a special dark, haunting vibe to it. I love the slow way the track moves in the verses just to finally explode in the refrain parts. The voice gives so much of sensibility to the overall tone of the music while the beat keeps it hard and dry but it feels naturally throughout the whole track duration.

Pryti during the video shoot of "Bitter Pill", (c) by Pryti, used with kind permission
You can pick up the song or the whole longplayer from iTunes and all other digital retailers.

Also make sure to stay in connection with Pryti through sites such as Twitter, Youtube or Facebook.


Watch Rock am Ring festival 2016 via Livestream

The open air season goes on! This weekend the legendary Rock am Ring festival will take place. For all those who cannot make it there it's surely great news that their will be a livestream of that event already starting TODAY!

The portal ARTE concert has announced to stream the following bands or set up videos as a stream on demand service (all times are MEST)

Friday 03. June 2016

15:35 - 16:30h  Amon Amarth
16:55 - 17:50h  Breaking Benjamin 
17:50 - 18:45h  Frittenbude    
18:45 - 19:45h  Disturbed   
19:50 - 21:20h  Tenacious D.
21:20 - 22:00h  Panic At The Disco
22:00 - 00:00h  Volbeat  
00:00 - 01:10h  The 1975 (Recording)

Saturday 04. June 2016
Foals / Trivium / Billy Talent / Heaven Shall Burn / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Bullet For My Valentine

Update for day 3 of the Rock am Ring livestream: the organizers have decided to close the festival due to another massive warning on the weather forecast and the city Mendig having taken down the permission for the festival. So there will be no performances and no broadcast. The linked stream page offers some of the shows of the past days as video on demand (scroll down to the bottom of the website).

Update 2 on the Rock am Ring livestream: the concerts and the broadcast will continue on 21h (MEST). The exact schedule is to be confirmed yet. Please check the subpage of the livestream for details.

Update for the Rock am Ring livestream Saturday 04. June 2016: currently the livestream shows only recorded material from yesterday. There has been a electric power failure but the staff is working hard to get the live broadcast back online again. Current plans say that it should be back at 20h (MEST) but a thunderstorm has been announced in the weather forecast so changes are always possible. The current schedule looks like this:
19:50 - 21:20 Uhr: Billy Talent
21:20 - 22:00 Uhr: Killswitch Engage
22:00 - 23:10 Uhr: Heaven Shall Burn
23.13 - 00:45 Uhr: Red Hot Chili Peppers
00:45 - 02:00 Uhr: Bullet For My Valentine

Sunday 05. June 2016
Wirtz / Johnossi / Bring Me The Horizon / SDP / Korn / Alligatoah / Biffy Clyro / Fettes Brot

The performance of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers will also be broadcasted on german television!

Stay tuned to this page as I update it wth info as soon as possible. Or have a eye on my Facebook page that I'll update with the latest info, too.

You'll find the stream of the Open Air and the on demand stuff on the website of ARTE concert.


CD Review: Pander - Fierce Self (2015)

A stonerrock album for all those of you who like their music raw, hard, dirty and direct. A excellent package of heavy riffs, great rhythm and diverse songwriting. Come inside for some live sounding pounding music.

Band Introduction

Pander is a stonermetal band from the norther region of the Netherlands. In 2012 they released their first record "Go". In Oktocber 2014 the band started the work on "Fierce Self" and signed with Stichting Metalization who have taken over duties for the album release and distribution.
In July 2015 the band had to face the death of guitarist and founder Andre Boumer who passed away at the age of 40 as the result of cancer. The band happily didn't gave up and completed the new album which saw the light of day on 24th december 2015. It is dedicated to the memory of their bandmate who can be heard on some of the nine tracks of "Fierce Self".

The frontcover of Panders "Fierce Self", (c) by Pander, used with kind permission

The album is like a answer to one of my wishes. I always wanted to hear a record that really comes close to the feeling of being in a rehearsal room with that feeling of the pressure the sound creates only at those places. "Fierce Self" is one of the few records I found that has this feeling to it. The tracks are also connected to each other so you have the impression that the band is doing the final rehearsal just before the tour or the next show is coming up and is playing all the tracks in a row.

Musically it's a heavy riffing album with softer vocals and a good potion of groove with it. It has a fat sounding rhythm section with it that you'll remember having listened to the music. The songs all come along differently so it'll take some replays to get all the details that can be heard on the album. As well as sounding live it's also a CD that comes with a quality at the recording technique so it's well worth giving some money away for it.

You'll receive a fine digipack CD package with a dark and gloomy artwork but if you keep the circumstances in mind that happened during the album creation it's only understandable that the artwork couldn't show up in a happier way. Even if you look at the backside of the Compact Disc itself you'll see a mention the band left for Andre Bouma. Far too many great musicians leave us these days but we can only hope that this band will push on forward no matter what comes next.


The whole album can be heard from the Soundcloud widget below.


You can purchase the download directly at the Bandcamp page of Pander for 4,50 Euro or order a fine CD copy from Stichting Metalization for 5 Euro plus shipping and handling. If you prefer iTunes you might be happy to see that the album is up for purchase their as well.

Also make sure to connect to Pander using Facebook.