CD Review: Celestial Ruin - Pandora EP (2016)

Do you remember the myth of the box of the Pandora? It is greek mystery about a ancient box holding a lot of evil. In today's context it is often used as a phrase expressing that with a small decision one can cause a lot of negative consequence as a result.
How would it sound like if you opened up the box of the Pandora? The symphonic band Celestial Ruin has created a record that could be a soundtrack to such a experience. Open the box right now. There's no risk for you this time but a lot of great music you can find...


It's a deep and meaningfull record. Besides the obvious female symphonic surface this output has a lot more to offer than similar EPs. It starts with the song structures which build up in a more clever way. It's far more subtle and you need to listen closely so you won't miss out on the fine elements that are kept inside.

The songs build up step by step through a good part of the duration and often redemption awaits at the end rewarding you for your listening patience. Overall the music comes around in a slower tempo compared to other band's of the same genre but if you prefer a intense, emotion-breathing atmosphere over fast rhtyhm patterns you will find a lot of satisfaction through listening to the Pandora EP.

It's a intense experience reflecting a lot of passion that has gone into the making of Pandora. You'll feel this when you take a closer ear to the guitar solos, the powerfull vocals and the overall fine-tuned sound package the whole band banned on tape.

The cover of Celestial Ruin's Pandora EP, (c) by Celestial Ruin, used with kind permission

Meaning of the lyrics

Lyrically the EP talks a lot about life experiences. They are thought out in detail and every track comes with a deep and meaningfull message. I'll list up a resume statement below so you have a idea of what the lyrics are all about.

Vocalist Larissa Dawn comments on the tracks of the EP:

“All the lyrics on "Pandora" were written about unleashing destruction into the world. Chaos caused by all the pain that negative emotions can create. A sort of cause and effect scenario. Each of the songs tells a different story and explores what happens when you make the wrong decision or fail to make any decision at all. Remaining stagnant and letting the world collapse in on you. The only song that kind of swerves from this theme is "No Quarter", this song is more of a movie told through song. It follows the story of infamous pirate Davy Jones and the battle that ensues between him and a rival ship.

Pandora has a much darker feel to it and I hope it paints different pictures in peoples minds when they hear it. I want them to be able to imagine exactly what is going on, like it's their own personal movie.”


You can pick up a digital copy of "Pandora" through the band's homepage or order one of the silver discs that are available there as well. Alternatively you can buy a digital copy via iTunes.

Please support such outworked creations with your purchase. Bands can only survive and continue with your own personal support. They'll thank you with more music and concerts taking you far away from your everyday troubles.

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