Hellfest livestream coming up next weekend

Finally we arrived at wednesday - the middle of the week. Time to see what the weekend may bring. This time you're in for another treat. :-)

Hellfest 2016 is coming to a screen near you.
The french Hellfest is going to be broadcasted in 2016 and big and small bands have already been confirmed to have their sets shown online. Currently the schedule looks like this:

Friday 17th June 2016 (all times MEST)

Altar & Temple Stage

18:35 Inquisition
19:30 Sacred Reich
20:30 Korpiklaani
21:35 Overkill
22:40 Aura Noir
23:45 Testament
00:45 Abbath


17:40 Turbonegro
18:35 Bullet For My Valentine
19:40 Mass Hysteria (Différé)
20:45 Volbeat
22:05 Dropkick Murphys
00:45 The Offspring

Saturday 18th June 2016

Altar & Temple Stage

17:40 Entombed A.D.
18:35 Archgoat
19:30 Asphyx
20:25 Moonsorrow
21:20 Terrorizer
22:15 Primordial
23:15 Napalm Death
01:00 Dark Funeral


17:40 Sick Of It All
18:35 Joe Satriani
19:30 Disturbed
01:00 Korn

Sunday 19th June 2016

Alatr & Temple Stage

17:40 Insomnium
18:35 Taake
20:30 Empyrium
21:30 Grand Magus
22:35 Enslaved
00:45 Deicide


15:50 Tarja
17:40 Blind Guardian
19:40 Amon Amarth
20:45 Megadeth
22:05 Ghost

You can find the overlook page right here on the ARTE concert page. Just select the date and stage you want to see and the link will take you to a subpage with the stream on it.

Underneath every stream you can also find the updated schedule for each broadcast. Things may be changed so make sure to check in every here and there to keep up to date.

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