Pryti uses music and video to express her darker feelings

I've found out that music can speak to me and others much more than other ways of art ever could do. The same thought may have been one of the reasons for Pryti to start writing music. She is a Alternative / Singer Songwriter based in Birmingham / UK.

Her influences range from Sarah Mclachlan to Deftones and I think you can hear that a lot in the video single for the track "Bitter Pill".  Pryti wrote, sang, played the guitars and bass on all of the songs of her debut album ‘Tales of a Melancholic’, and released it on her label Welcome To Pariahville.

In a statement about the track Pryti pointed out: "Bitter Pill is a dark song about struggling and trying to explain how you feel. I love how the video captures that."

As for me this one comes with a special dark, haunting vibe to it. I love the slow way the track moves in the verses just to finally explode in the refrain parts. The voice gives so much of sensibility to the overall tone of the music while the beat keeps it hard and dry but it feels naturally throughout the whole track duration.

Pryti during the video shoot of "Bitter Pill", (c) by Pryti, used with kind permission
You can pick up the song or the whole longplayer from iTunes and all other digital retailers.

Also make sure to stay in connection with Pryti through sites such as Twitter, Youtube or Facebook.

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