A Light Within evolve beyond any frontier on new demos

A Light Within have been among my favorites for a long time. Both of their EPs "Preface" as well as "Body Matter" offer the listener a outstanding musical experience. They evole the genre of post rock in a way I've seldomely ever heard any other band did before. When you listen to their music it will take you to new insights and feelings and leave you behind wondering to what you've just been listening. Small wonder I've put a pin badge of their band logo on my jeans summer jacket.

The pin badge of A Light Within on my summer jacket

Currently the band is back recording brand new material. They kindly offer a early possibility to listen to what they're working on in a demo stadium already. The two new cuts entitled "Surrounded by Astronauts" as well as "An Educated Gentleman" show that A Light Within have evolved even further and beyond any frontier this time. Besides the music the two short videos have stunning visuals with them that I've not seen anywhere else yet.

Don't miss out this two snippets and head on over to Bandcamp or Facebook and join them there so you'll be notified on what they're going to do next.

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