CD Review: Slitherum - Godbox Suicide (2016)

A great gothic metal album with slightly industrial elements showing that compact riffing and straight rhythm can offer a fine mixture without sounding monotone. The harsh vocals add a good potion to the music that you don't want to miss anymore once heard.

Short Introduction

Slitherum formed in 2015 in the city of Athens, the trio comprised of Nick Marinos on vocals, Giannis Kalamatas on guitars, bass and synths, and Antonis Kanaras on drums. They instantly began to work on the first material that has been released under the title "Godbox Suicide" in the beginning of 2016.

The cover of Slitherums first album "Godbox suicide", (c) by Slitherum, used with kind permission

What's so great about this band is that they've taken this sort of direct and sharp guitar riffing back to the surface of today. I miss this a lot in the music scene of today. Combined with the straight rhythms the music comes together in a form of constant expression that's so intense through's it's constanty. Yet it always evolves a little bit with every step it takes on further. Just keep a ear on the little elements and how they add and change. It's intensive enjoyment for all the metal enthusiats out there that love to go in deep and fully concentrate on the message of the music.

The vocals are sharp and harsh but never sound to rough or not suiting to the material. Moreover I found out that they are a good way to widen the band's unique music. My favorite is "Vulnus" which plays around with the riffing and it's up and downs. It's a good first pick if you want to quickly check in to the band's sound.

While the first five tracks are more straight forward numbers the last two offerings show that the band is also able to create softer songs as well. "Child" surprises with a much more slowed rhythm mixed up with soft toned guitars and touching vocals. The music unfolds slowly as the track builds up with each moment passing until the end releases some pressure and closes finally back with the more silent way the track began.

"Cure" closes out the record in a more industrial way with it's constant, cold beat. Anyway this little piece of music adds to the atmosphere with it's unusual riff towards the song middle and the repeating song theme.


You can pick up a hardcopy of "Godbox Suicide" by getting in touch with the band through their Facebook page. The record has been released in a limited number of copies. You can choose between a vinyl version in a special package that is limited to only 8 copies or get your hand on one of the 100 CD's that have been manufactured of this great first release of Slitherum.


Check out the band's sound through the Youtube player below. I've picked the track "Vulnus" which is one of my favorites of Godbox suicide. More tracks can be heard on the bands Youtube channel.


The band can be reached through their Facebook page and also has a account on Youtube.

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