Free summer soundtrack up for download with Welcome To Sin City Vol. 1

A new month has begun - time to head out and start something new. It's summer time - always the best of what could be. But to each summer there's a need of a proper soundtrack. So what to do?

Look no further the solution is right here. :-) Online Metal Promo, Sin City Presents Magazine and Metal Babe Mayhem Fashion and Accessories have united to put together a free download compilation of 26 great underground bands. This will give you the proper power to make your plans come true.

The cover of the Welcome To Sin City Vol.1 compilation, (c) by Online Metal Promo, Sin City Presents Magazine and Metal Babe Mayhem

Featured on this compilation are the following bands:

1. Alsatia
2. Angerhead
3. Azrael’s Bane
4. Blasted To Static
5. Broken Teeth
6. Canedy
7. Chris Violence
8. Corners of Sanctuary
9. Diamond Lane
10. Dire Peril
11. Empires of Eden
12. Eternal Voyager
13. Flames of Fury
14. Helion Prime
15. Ignitor
16. Lords of the Trident
17. Love & War
18. Malice
19. Maxxxwell Carlisle
20. Seventh Calling
21. Shallow Ground
22. Sorizon
23. St. James
24. The Rods
25. Vanlade
26. Zephaniah

Don't hesitate and pick up your summer package of heavy music for free from this location.

While you're waiting for the music to arrive to your hardisk take a minute to check out the website of Metal Babe Mayhem Fashion and Accessories, Online Metal Promo and Sin City Presents Magazine. Finally: enjoy summer and let others know about this one.

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