Senate Of Prevail explore the Hollow Ground

Sometimes it's cool to see how the songwriting in metal bands has evolved over the years.

Looking back to the classic days you could nearly always be sure that there was this verse - refrain way the lyrics were build upon. After that there was another verse and refrain followed by the guitar solo just to lead into the final repeat of the refrain again. The song finished some or other way and that was the way we knew and it and I think most of us loved it.

These days bands attempt it differently. Some tracks start for example straight away with the vocals coming straight in directly at the beginning. Sometimes the vocals are present all the time never giving a break for the solo that is missed out completly.

But most of all the refrains cannot be spotted immediately as such. In the old days it was always the peak of the music. These times the refrains are often build inside not leaving the overall song structure but keeping the structure intact. Nevertheless they can be something that burns down deep in your mind. Try this song below to hear what I'm talking about.

These were my thoughts when Sweden's Senate Of Prevail came around with a brandnew track called "Hollow Ground". Not only that the song kicks from start to finish but most of all it has this dominate vocals with it that rush through the full track duration making it a hell of a ride but with this refrain worked in that won't leave my mind now anymore. 

Check it out for yourselves and pick up the track as free download while it's still up. While you're waiting for the data transmission to finish see the band's social site on Facebook, Instagram and on Soundcloud. Be sure to mark those with a like or follow. We need to make this band coming back in my eyes. Maybe if we call loud enough for them they will come back? I hope for that and would like to ask you kindly to support me in this mission.

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  1. nice article!
    The song are about the catacombs in france :)
    / Peter