CD Review: A Place To Fall - Lost Myself (2016)

What we have here is a bitter brutal post hardcore album that leaves no mercy as about it's message. This band screams out that they really want it all and they've put in so much energy that it will make your speakers blow. Find out how post hardcore should sound in 2016.


The band came to my attention at a Open Air festival here in Lingen - the Rock am Dom. At that time the band was starting to form in line-up as well as soundwise but it was already clear that they would sound very promising. So I kept a eye on them and followed them further both on Facebook as well as live at the Rock am Pferdemarkt and a little later at the Abifestival contest. In the meantime the band wrote and recorded "Lost Myself" and over the gigs one could easily see and hear that the band has evolved quite a lot.

The cover of Lost Myself, (c) by A Place To Fall, used with kind permission
Summary / Album overview

The album has a lot of killer qualities. As I wrote above I was able to follow the development of the band but never expected such a result in the end. The record comes straight in with the intro for "The Rise", a dark haunting melody carving the way for what is about to come. The following "Your Fall" shows the heavyness the band combines along with great rhythm. The vocals come in quite harsh on this one but are always melodic and outworked with much passion.

The same goes for "All your lies". That song was already available as stream early at the band's Youtube channel but this version is quite different. The contrast of growls of guitarist Oliver and the clean parts of vocalist Sebastian gives this one a special kicking note. You'll remember this after listening. The tile track that follows shows a masterpiece in my eyes and a first high peak of the record. This one builds slowly crawling on the floor just to explode at the refrain directly into the listeners face. Don't miss out this one.

"New Hopes" goes a more straight way vocal-wise but I love the riffing and drumming on this one. It goes back and forth and shakes 'till the end. "We're Fading Away" has a anthemic refrain and is most melodic and straight forward of the album. The clear guitar parts have been my favorite from the first listen.

We continue on "Dream of Memories" that rips us up with a direct riff. Many vocal layers and variations on this one. Very heavy indeed. "Photographs" is next to go. It's a dark number which much heavy distorted guitar sounds and rhythm changes but a lot of brutal elements nevertheless. "Behind A False Light" closes the album in a straight forward way. The clean notes towards the end leave you with a redemption feeling.


The record is up on digital outlets such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Play for 8 Euro. The band also has physical copies on sale in a beautiful fold-out case for the same price. It is available through their webshop or you can message the band through Facebook if you don't have Paypal.


The whole nine songs can be heard on Spotify or Deezer. I've also included the track "We're fading away" for all of you who don't have a acoount there or just want to quickly check out the bands sound.

Contact Data

The band has a cool Facebook page up and running and also offers a insight into the bands activities via Instagram. Also make sure to have a look on their homepage if you want to contact or book them.

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