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Seventh Calling came to my attention through their mixture of old school styles on their album "Battle Call". The band is a good package of traditional metal elements along with slight parts of thrash mixed in that is rounded out by anthemic refrains. The production and songwriting of the music is kept in a more modern package so it is nice mixture of the best of the traditional roots all along with what today has to offer.

We spoke with Steve Handel, vocalist and guitarist of the band about the inspiration to the band's lyrics as well as the effect that being a musician has on the private lifes of the bandmembers and what happened when two ladies had a few drinks too much at a show of the band...

Heavy Metal Underdogs: How did the band come together?
Seventh Calling: 'This particular lineup happened from the result of getting together and jamming on cover songs first.  Then it progressed into doing the recording of the Battle Call album.'

The cover of the Battle Call album, (c) by Seventh Calling, used with kind permission.

Which sources do you use as inspiration for writing new songs?

'Well in some instances I use realism in life, or news that we will hear in the morning on tv, radio or read in the newspaper.  The song Perfect Silence on the new record is such a song.  Then there are other times such as in our song Battle Call, which is the title track, that is a strong anthem type song calling for all traditional metal heads to rise and stand strong in their beliefs in the metal.'

Do you feel that writing and performing music helps you to push on further with your own personal lifes?
'It certainly has a way to keep you focused by having the life of music to enjoy.  It is a way of getting together with friends and having a good time playing on some music or simply having conversation about random things that happened in the passing day.'

Social media surely plays a big role in the communication between a band and their fans. Do you feel that fans contact you more or less personally at gigs these days?
'As far as coming up and speaking to us after a show fans speak to us usually.  We encourage it actually.  But yes we are contacted regularly through our social sites and it helps out alot for fans to look us up and find us.'

Do you still prefer releasing music on traditional media like LPs, CDs and the like or do you feel the same satisfaction when putting out music digitally?
'We prefer to do both.  Yes, having the actual release of an album in my opinion, is much better.  It is nice to read the words inside our booklet when I forget the words! HA!  Seriously however, we do prefer physical releases as compared to digital only.'

Have you ever experimented with other styles over the years and thought about changing?
'We have experimented with different styles within our genre surely.  However we still end up coming out sounding like Seventh Calling!  A call to the traditional or classic style heavy metal.'

The band Seventh Calling, (c) by Seventh Calling, used with kind permission.

Did you come along points where you thought about leaving it all behind? If you reached that point: how did you keep the motivation up to move on?
'Never.  I haven't ever thought of not performing.  It has simply been a way of life for myself since I can remember.'

What was the funniest story that came along your way when you performed live? Or did things happen that you would have never thought of to occur (not only at gigs but maybe anywhere else as well)?

'The funniest thing I have ever seen at a Seventh Calling show was one night we were performing in Superior, Wisconsin I believe. Anyhow, there were 2 ladies that were having way too much fun at the club.  Must have been a long day at work.  HA! But! As we began our set, these 2 lovely ladies walked up on the stage and proceeded to pull their pants down!  HOWEVER! What they did after that was awesome! They both took a run at the end of the stage and jumped off the stage trying to reach this pole that was about 15 feet off the front of the stage right in the middle.  They did not reach this pole.  Both of them bounced very hard off of the floor like in throwing horseshoes!  Needless to say, both got up and continued about the evening like nothing had happened.  Except it took them awhile to get their pants up! HA!

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Check out Seventh Calling's social accounts on Facebook and Reverbnation to get in touch with them. 

The logo of the band Seventh Calling, (c) by Seventh Calling, used with kind permission

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