Medevil mix thrash of the 80's with classic metal and razorsharp vocals

Today it is more than ever a exciting time that see's a lot of new bands emerging that are offering a wide variation of styles, influences and mixes. Today's metal scene has become more diverse and colourful than ever in my eyes offering a bandwith like never before. It's like the best is yet to come so we all should do our best so the metal scene can continue to evolve and survive and bring us all the music we love and need.

So how would it sound like if you mix up elements of old thrash classics of Metal Church, comine them with a songwriting attempt in a style of old Iron Maiden albums and round it all out with raw vocals reminiscent of Udo Dirkschneider? Well, Medevil is the answer in my ears. The new album of them is straight around the corner and set for release on 26th August 2016. In support of the release the band has set up three tracks as a prelisten and I'd like you to check out their newest video of the track "Nightwalk" which is the opening track of the record. You can pre-order the album "Conductor Of Storms" through the band's website. 
You can find the other songs on the Youtube channel of Medevil.

Medevil will play some shows these year. See the flyer below for the exact dates and the album cover.

The flyer for the Medevil tourdates 2016, (c) by Medevil, used with kind permission

Make sure to connect with them for updates via Facebook, Twitter or their homepage.

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