Living Dead Girl sends us into "Autumn" time with new single

So it's this time of the year again that you can feel that things are about to change. The sun goes down earlier und the leaves are changing their color. You can feel that autmn quickly draws near.

So I thought it would be nice to post some decent music today that comes around with the fitting music for this part of the year. What we have here is some Dark electronica with a industrial pop production and the beautiful voice of Jessica English laying down some haunting moments on this track. She teamed up with Jonno Lloyd who contributed guitar, bass, synth, programming, and backing vocals. The result is the brand new single called "Autumn" of the duo Living Dead Girl.

The song comes with a deep meaning as Lloyd reveals in a statement: “Autumn explores the pain of unrequited love” Lloyd tells us, “and the changes we experience after finally leaving it behind.’ This was one of Jess' solo songs that never truly saw the light of day, the challenge was then how to make it a Living Dead Girl song but still maintain that feeling of vulnerability and hope. The result is probably our most optimistic song but one that still feels very natural for us.”

The dark electronica duo Living Dead Girl, (c) by Living Dead Girl, used with kind permission
If you like what you hear go to Bandcamp. Thats where you can hear the full release as well as purchase it for a few bucks.

Find out more about Living Dead Girl through a look on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Meshiaak release "Sin City" styled video

I'm often of the opinion that it's the small things that make life beautiful. We all don't have much in life so we need to make the best of things.

Meshiaak have come around with a brand new video for the song "At the edge of the world". The small thing that makes this one a special clip is the fact that the band let's it rain while they play the track and also use only few color elements in the black and white styled promo video. Both are things you may remember of the "Sin City" movie.

A cut-out of the album cover and the band logo, (c) by Meshiaak, used with kind permission

But for me it's far more that this. The song itself has a topic with a meaning behind it. Also it's more of a darker kind I like to hear that the music comes along in a cool style. It breathes a deep meaning- and thoughtful atmosphere. Two elements that may have become lost in this fast living world. Plus there is the vocal performance of Danny Camilleri who put's in variations and haunting parts which I love so much. The drum performance of Jon Dette is hard and you can feel the push of the beat as he plays the drums.

The reason behind this outstanding performance is easy to see. The vocalist breathes his own experiences through the lyrics as he makes clear in a statement about the lyrics: “It’s the kind of song that would speak to people on a lot of different levels, something that most people would be able to connect with fairly easily. It’s a song that is very close to me personally, especially when it came to the lyrics. It’s where I’ve found myself in the last three years and my moments of doubt, trials and frustrations concerning experiences I’ve had to go through over that time.”

The album "Alliance Of Thieves" is out now via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group. Make sure to connect to Meshiaak via Facebook.


Demo Review: Souldrown - Evil Of War (recorded 2000 / released 2016)

Sometimes things happen that seem to have been lost in time... A demo release in the style of early Helloween and Stratovarius but evolved further to a much more complex and diverse style.


Souldrown has its origins back in 1993. They began as heavy-power band, mainly influenced by bands like Accept, Helloween, Stratovarius etc. As the years went on, they radically changed the style towars a darker, more complex and progressive direction, mainly influenced by Tool, Dream Theater etc.

Unfortunately, the band never gave themselves the chance to have an official release.

Souldrown recorded some stuff in the late 90's-early 00's, for a demo release, from which some rough mixes have survived. This is what can be heard on the "Evil Of War" demo right here which finally sees the light of day in 2016...

The cover of Souldrown's "Evil Of War" demo, (c) by Souldrown, used with kind permission


This is a demo with two sides of the story. The first two tracks are clear in the structure, high vocals and dominant bass guitars. Tracks 3-5 are a bit different. Those are much more complex in the structure and sound and it needs some time to get to the point of them. I see some potential in this band since they have not only sticked to the sound of their favorites but dared to evolve it further. I think this kind of music needs some fresh kick and this band could provide it. It would be great to know what this band has on their minds after all these years.

This goes especially for the vocals. The vocalist keep them in a high region but also makes sure to keep them a bit more in the middle peak which makes them enjoyable and keeps the voice authentic. This prevents the tracks from being destroyed by a too loud noise that would make the melodies not identifiable anymore.

In detail Evil of War is clear and round for me. A grooving rhythm pushes throughout the full track duration and makes it a lot of fun to listen to it. The vocals are high and the refrain comes with various layers something not many bands work with. The bass guitar sets apart in the sound straight from the start. Last Hours is my favorite on the tape. A double bass cracker with fine keyboard parts packed in a roundly sounded package. It's typical melodic power metal. It feels more as a story than a song but it's something I like.

Track 3 Talk Hard offers more variations in the rhythm section while the overall speed is set to midtempo. Melody is set on top again but it comes around differently when you look at the style of it. More keyboards to be found in this one. The fastest track on the digital tape is called Dragons Lair. It's the hardest to get by anyway. A complex song structure makes it hard to get a grip on the sound. The vocals form a guiding light through the whole song.

See The Signs closes the release. This one is more complex than the previous track and comes with a high-tempo format. We hear the typical high notes in the vocals that seem to be a trademark of Souldrown. Some vocal effects can be heard, too. Those give the vocal performance some more variation and will hark back. They sound unusual so you'll want to re-listen after a first round.

Player / Purchase Link

The whole tape can be streamed for free here in the player. You can download a digital copy for only one euro on Bandcamp so please give the artist a sign that they should continue.

Contact Data

You can keep in touch with Souldrown via Bandcamp.


2017 – Armstrong Metal Fest Band Submissions Now Open (Free 2016 sampler inside)

So the Open Air season is slowly coming towards the end for this year. But what is going to happen in 2017? Well, no one knows for sure except for a few announcements that have been made so far.

What's far more interesting in my eyes is that bands can send submissions for the Armstrong Metal Fest right now. There's a good chance that you'll be chosen to play there if you apply with your music. Why?

69.4% of the total band line up for AMF 2016 was made of bands that had placed a band submission.
58.3% of AMF 2016's line up were bands that had never played the festival before.

Band submissions open September 1, 2016 and end November 1, 2016 11:59pm PST.

Please send submissions to the following email: bandsamf@gmail.com

What should you send?
– ONLINE MUSIC (Where can we check out your music example: bandcamp)

Don’t worry about sending an EPK right off the start! They are great to have, but not for AMF’s initial submission; once a band is on the roster an EPK may be requested for media outlets.

What exactly is the Armstrong Metal Festival?

Taking influence from Europe’s music festival circuit, Armstrong Metal Fest is a heavy metal celebration that encourages metal heads from across Canada and the globe to mosh and camp with the backdrop of great outdoors of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

What started as a backyard party in 2009 with nothing but eleven local metal bands such as Terrifier, Xul and Odinfist to name a few, has grown into a a huge success admired by the Western Canadian Metal scene. 2016 was the eighth year of the festival and was its largest year for music and attendance. Previous years of the festival have seen line ups with Cattle Decapitation, Suffocation, Anciients, Bison BC, Striker, Crimson Shadows, Holy Grail, Archspire, Cryptopsy, Unleash The Archers, Divinity, Into Eternity, Ninjaspy, Vesperia, XUL, Odinfist, Death Toll Rising, Gomorrah among many others .

For more info, please visit www.ArmstrongMetalFest.ca

If you want to check out some of the bands of the 2016 edition of the festival try the stream below or better download a free compilation package directly from Bandcamp.


Idlewar bring back fun of straight forward rock classics

Ok, today's music often is held in a more complex way. Things have become more diverse and multi-layered when it comes to the sound. I like that but I'm also a big fan of the old straight forward style of the old days.

This band called Idlewar has brought some of it back to me. Their newest video creation "On our knees" has this straight forward formula with it that brings up the topic and expression directly upfront. You can feel it through the punch and the clear guitar riff all along with the lyrics that this one speaks out a message to you.

This is the second insight into the upcoming album titled "Impulse" wich is set to drop on 30th September 2016 via PHD. The band has also booked a UK tour this November/December. Dates can be seen in the flyer below.

The tourposter for the Idlewar UK Tour 2016, (c) by Idlewar, used with kind permission

For rock fans wanting to hear more from Idlewar right now, the band's Pledge campaign will end next week. Pledge now to  pre-order and unlock 2 instant music downloads ('Criminal' and 'On Our Knees'), receive the album before it's officially released plus grab an Idlewar Impulse access pass exclusive offer.

In the meantime check out the band's website, Facebook and Twitter account.


Night Legion offer download as little sneak into upcoming album

One of the cool things that comes along with running a blog is that you can discover so many new bands often in their early stages. This time we have been notified of a band that is giving a very early insight into their album production process and we have been picked to share it with all of you as a file free to download!

The new band on the radar is called Night Legion and they perform Power Metal with powerful female vocals. The people behind the sound aren't new to people following this blog. This band features members of Death Dealer and Knightmare as well as of Empires of Eden and Aussie metal royalty Dungeon.

A overlook on the band members of Night Legion, (c) by Night Legion, used with kind permission

How does this band sound like? One of the bands trademarks is the voice of Shannon Tipene. With an uncompromising and aggressive style that echoes Doro’s greatest triumphs, or Ann Wilson’s trademark microphone abuse, Tipene’s voice leaves something behind. You'll remember the high peaks of her voice as well as the anthemic refrain. It's like in the classic days of metal and you'll quickly feel home if you've always enjoyed music of this style. Just check out some excerpts in the clip below or even better head over to this place to pick up a free full song of Night Legion im mp3 Format.

Night Legion has recently begun work on recording their debut, slated for a 2017 release, and is in the early stages of exploring which label will offer the most suitable home for the album. This unconquerable touring animal also has its sights on Japan, Europe and possibly Australia in early to mid-2017.

For the latest band news, visit the official Night Legion website and Facebook page.


Illyrian share free beat'em up thrash anthem

As you all know Metal is my passion. But there are more things in my life that found my interest. One of them is gaming. I prefer the old plattforms. Games back in the day were more direct and straight forward. It was the fun that mattered most and you didn't needed to fiddle around so much or worry about system requirements and what not.

One genre that is very cool is the beat 'em up genre. There are many great games out there. They all have their own speciality to offer and you can unlock new stuff if you manage to beat a good many of opponents.

The cool thing is that the canadian thrashers of Illyrian have picked up the beat 'em up theme and formed the title track and cover of it for their upcoming album "Round 2: Fight!" that is coming up on October 7nd.

The cover of Illyrian's album Round 2: Fight!, (c) by Illyrian, used with kind permission

As a little teaser to the record the band has set up a first insight into what's to come with putting out a single of the same name as the album. Just look at the cool lyric video and if you like those games and music you'll quickly pick fire on the fighting characters shown at the beginning as well as on the music. It's thrash with some incredible progressive extras added to the sound formula and drums that are nearly impossible to replay in my ears. Plus they have this tri-vocal attack in their sound. I've not heard a band doing this before so it was one more reason for me to check 'em out. This refrain is a kicker and fits perfectly to the topic. I can already hear the fans screaming it out at the shows. I love the way the lyrics move forward during the song. It's like someone tells a mini-story and that's a good feeling to me.

If you like what you hear you'll be happy to read that you can pick up this song for free. The band has teamed up with PureGrainAudio to give you this nice freebie.

Make sure to see the band live on stage in the coming weeks and months and/or follow them on Facebook for more news on the album release.

October 1 - Calgary, AB - Distortion - CD Release Show - Facebook event info link
w/ Tyrant, Gales of Avalon, Leave The Living
October 22 - Medicine Hat, AB - Oly's Ale House
w/ WMD, World Class White Trash, Junkies Rush, Poke the Bear


Free sampler "Deliberately Loud" features bands from New Zealand

So it's cool to see that Heavy Metal is a music that is played and enjoyed around the world. One corner I've not heard too much of is New Zealand. What's going on there? Now with this free sampler we happily have the chance to check out some of the bands that come from so far away. 

ONLINE METAL PROMO and the CACOPHONY radio show (New Zealand) are proud to offer a FREE online digital music compilation download titled "Deliberately Loud" featuring 39 songs from some of the hottest established and up and coming hard rock / heavy metal bands in the United States and New Zealand music scenes.

The cover of the "Deliberately Loud" sampler, (c) by Online Metal Promo and Cacophony radio show, used with kind permission

Here is the bandlist of the compilation:

1. Alsatia
2. Angerhead
3. Awakened Inferno
4. Azrael’s Bane
5. Blasted To Static
6. Bow Messiah
7. Broken Teeth
8. Canedy
9. Chris Violence
10. Corners of Sanctuary
11. Decode The Design
12. Destructatron
13. Diamond Lane
14. Dire Peril
15. Empires of Eden
16. Eternal Voyager
17. Faith and Bullets
18. Flames of Fury
19. Helion Prime
20. Gundriver
21. Hellevate
22. Heterodox
23. Human Teenage Bonesaw Massacre
24. Ignitor
25. Lords of the Trident
26. Love & War
27. Malevolence
28. Malice
29. Maxxxwell Carlisle
30. Odiusembowel
31. Seventh Calling
32. Shallow Ground
33. Sorizon
34. St. James
35. Tainted
36. The Rods
37. Threshold of Terror
38. Vanlade
39. Zephaniah

Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing at this location.

To give you a little sneak peak into the compilation package here is one track up for streaming of one of the New Zealand bands that are featured.

Also make sure to have a look at the Facebook pages of Online Metal Promo and Cacophony radio show that kindly provided us with this gift for our readers.


CD Review: JC Crash - Electrified (2016)

Get down to this dirty classic rock 'n' roll and metal album and enjoy a good ride of tunes reminscent of old days but not forgetting the here and now. Life is here, life is now - check out JC Crashs new album!


This CD found the way into my postbox one day and made me curious with it's hairy child on the cover looking angry. Moreover the two snakes in the JC Crash logo were a eyecatcher so I was more than willing to risk a ear. A decision I shouldn't regret - the music won my heart from the start. It all centers around the saying inside the booklet "Legends never die" - dedicated to Bon Scott (1946-1980).

The cover of JC Crash's "Electrified" album, (c) by JC Crash, used with kind permission.


This album is a smasher to all those loving the pub rock sound that AC/DC made a big band back in the day. It's rough, dirty, hard and loud. The riffs are the core of the music. They constantly pump the energy that this release spreads in your mind along with the powerful vocals that are held in the style of Bon Scott's way of singing.

Nevertheless JC Crash's "Electrified" album is far more than "only" a hommage to glory days of the past. The production is held in today's modern and clear way without losing the mood of the old sound systems (which is perfectly represented by the picture of the speaker on the album backside). In contrast to typical releases of back in the day the record has far more variations to offer. You'll wonder how different the tunes sound like.

The album starts out fairly midtempo and traditionel. The lyrics of "She's no angel" are great - you should have a look inside the booklet of the CD and enjoy the little one night stand story all for yourselves.

"Gone but not forgotten" pays tribute to the Scott era again but shows how the band would transfer it to today's songwriting. It comes with a modern sounding riff and the tempo shows many variations throughout the whole duration. "Powder my soul" comes along with longer solos, something which is normally not to be found in music of such a genre where the riff and constant song structure dominate the music all the while.

"High 'n dry" could be a hit single in my ears. It's held in the midtempo and has a up to date modern melodic chorus inside. I guess this one could be in rotation for quite some time on rock radio stations. "Two minutes to midnight" stands out because of the blues influenced song structures. The refrain remains in your ears for a long time after listening.

"Bighead" is a good example on how the second half of the twelve tracks of the longplay sound like. Those numbers are held in the more straighter style with clear song structures all along the way and sing and scream along refrains with it. Both halfs of the record have something to offer and both are a bit different when compared to the other one. Have some re-listen and you'll know what I mean.


You can pick up a silver disc directly from the band's webshop for 12 Euro plus shipping and handling. Other alternatives are available through a digital download on portals such as Amazon, iTunes or Spotify.


The Youtube albumtrailer is a good way to get a idea of most of the songs of "Electrified".

Contact data

Get in touch with JC Crash on Facebook, Twitter or see their homepage.