CD Review: JC Crash - Electrified (2016)

Get down to this dirty classic rock 'n' roll and metal album and enjoy a good ride of tunes reminscent of old days but not forgetting the here and now. Life is here, life is now - check out JC Crashs new album!


This CD found the way into my postbox one day and made me curious with it's hairy child on the cover looking angry. Moreover the two snakes in the JC Crash logo were a eyecatcher so I was more than willing to risk a ear. A decision I shouldn't regret - the music won my heart from the start. It all centers around the saying inside the booklet "Legends never die" - dedicated to Bon Scott (1946-1980).

The cover of JC Crash's "Electrified" album, (c) by JC Crash, used with kind permission.


This album is a smasher to all those loving the pub rock sound that AC/DC made a big band back in the day. It's rough, dirty, hard and loud. The riffs are the core of the music. They constantly pump the energy that this release spreads in your mind along with the powerful vocals that are held in the style of Bon Scott's way of singing.

Nevertheless JC Crash's "Electrified" album is far more than "only" a hommage to glory days of the past. The production is held in today's modern and clear way without losing the mood of the old sound systems (which is perfectly represented by the picture of the speaker on the album backside). In contrast to typical releases of back in the day the record has far more variations to offer. You'll wonder how different the tunes sound like.

The album starts out fairly midtempo and traditionel. The lyrics of "She's no angel" are great - you should have a look inside the booklet of the CD and enjoy the little one night stand story all for yourselves.

"Gone but not forgotten" pays tribute to the Scott era again but shows how the band would transfer it to today's songwriting. It comes with a modern sounding riff and the tempo shows many variations throughout the whole duration. "Powder my soul" comes along with longer solos, something which is normally not to be found in music of such a genre where the riff and constant song structure dominate the music all the while.

"High 'n dry" could be a hit single in my ears. It's held in the midtempo and has a up to date modern melodic chorus inside. I guess this one could be in rotation for quite some time on rock radio stations. "Two minutes to midnight" stands out because of the blues influenced song structures. The refrain remains in your ears for a long time after listening.

"Bighead" is a good example on how the second half of the twelve tracks of the longplay sound like. Those numbers are held in the more straighter style with clear song structures all along the way and sing and scream along refrains with it. Both halfs of the record have something to offer and both are a bit different when compared to the other one. Have some re-listen and you'll know what I mean.


You can pick up a silver disc directly from the band's webshop for 12 Euro plus shipping and handling. Other alternatives are available through a digital download on portals such as Amazon, iTunes or Spotify.


The Youtube albumtrailer is a good way to get a idea of most of the songs of "Electrified".

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