Idlewar bring back fun of straight forward rock classics

Ok, today's music often is held in a more complex way. Things have become more diverse and multi-layered when it comes to the sound. I like that but I'm also a big fan of the old straight forward style of the old days.

This band called Idlewar has brought some of it back to me. Their newest video creation "On our knees" has this straight forward formula with it that brings up the topic and expression directly upfront. You can feel it through the punch and the clear guitar riff all along with the lyrics that this one speaks out a message to you.

This is the second insight into the upcoming album titled "Impulse" wich is set to drop on 30th September 2016 via PHD. The band has also booked a UK tour this November/December. Dates can be seen in the flyer below.

The tourposter for the Idlewar UK Tour 2016, (c) by Idlewar, used with kind permission

For rock fans wanting to hear more from Idlewar right now, the band's Pledge campaign will end next week. Pledge now to  pre-order and unlock 2 instant music downloads ('Criminal' and 'On Our Knees'), receive the album before it's officially released plus grab an Idlewar Impulse access pass exclusive offer.

In the meantime check out the band's website, Facebook and Twitter account.

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