Living Dead Girl sends us into "Autumn" time with new single

So it's this time of the year again that you can feel that things are about to change. The sun goes down earlier und the leaves are changing their color. You can feel that autmn quickly draws near.

So I thought it would be nice to post some decent music today that comes around with the fitting music for this part of the year. What we have here is some Dark electronica with a industrial pop production and the beautiful voice of Jessica English laying down some haunting moments on this track. She teamed up with Jonno Lloyd who contributed guitar, bass, synth, programming, and backing vocals. The result is the brand new single called "Autumn" of the duo Living Dead Girl.

The song comes with a deep meaning as Lloyd reveals in a statement: “Autumn explores the pain of unrequited love” Lloyd tells us, “and the changes we experience after finally leaving it behind.’ This was one of Jess' solo songs that never truly saw the light of day, the challenge was then how to make it a Living Dead Girl song but still maintain that feeling of vulnerability and hope. The result is probably our most optimistic song but one that still feels very natural for us.”

The dark electronica duo Living Dead Girl, (c) by Living Dead Girl, used with kind permission
If you like what you hear go to Bandcamp. Thats where you can hear the full release as well as purchase it for a few bucks.

Find out more about Living Dead Girl through a look on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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