Night Legion offer download as little sneak into upcoming album

One of the cool things that comes along with running a blog is that you can discover so many new bands often in their early stages. This time we have been notified of a band that is giving a very early insight into their album production process and we have been picked to share it with all of you as a file free to download!

The new band on the radar is called Night Legion and they perform Power Metal with powerful female vocals. The people behind the sound aren't new to people following this blog. This band features members of Death Dealer and Knightmare as well as of Empires of Eden and Aussie metal royalty Dungeon.

A overlook on the band members of Night Legion, (c) by Night Legion, used with kind permission

How does this band sound like? One of the bands trademarks is the voice of Shannon Tipene. With an uncompromising and aggressive style that echoes Doro’s greatest triumphs, or Ann Wilson’s trademark microphone abuse, Tipene’s voice leaves something behind. You'll remember the high peaks of her voice as well as the anthemic refrain. It's like in the classic days of metal and you'll quickly feel home if you've always enjoyed music of this style. Just check out some excerpts in the clip below or even better head over to this place to pick up a free full song of Night Legion im mp3 Format.

Night Legion has recently begun work on recording their debut, slated for a 2017 release, and is in the early stages of exploring which label will offer the most suitable home for the album. This unconquerable touring animal also has its sights on Japan, Europe and possibly Australia in early to mid-2017.

For the latest band news, visit the official Night Legion website and Facebook page.

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