Brutai share Bloodstock 2016 memories along new track "Relapse"

The outdoor festival is over and out. But it's nice that we sometimes can collect some sweet memories of those times that we may recall later. Brutai have had a little look back recently when they looked through their live footage of their performance at the Bloodstock Open Air 2016. They decided to share it along with a reworked album version of the song "Relapse" which is taken of the forthcoming record entitled "Born". Read more about the upcoming release further down underneath the video.

As for me this is fine, outworked and well structured modern metal music. I like the ongoing constant vocals which change all the while during the track all along with the technical aspects. For example the bass guitar lines have much varitaions to offer and the keyboards come in slightly to create a atmosphere that adds to the overall topic of the track. The drums are a monster pushing the whole track. It's heavy but always in a way you still feel comfortable while listening.

The band have just signed to Transcend Music, and 'Born' will be out on 25th November 2016. You can preorder the record here.

A bandshot of Brutai, Photo Credit: Will Ireland Photography, www.willirelandphotography.co.uk

The band's album launch party will be in collaboration with Transcend Music's Christmas Party at The Borderline on 22nd November. You can buy tickets for the show right here or see more details about the event on Facebook.

Also make sure to stay up to date with Brutai on Facebook.

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