CD Review: Evig Natt - Evig Natt (2016)

A band combining worlds that seem to be contrasts - there's heavyness in their sound but they're not really heavy. Then there's much of darkness in the music but also a light that shines brightly. Try this band that is one of the hidden gems in my ears.


The Norwegian metal band EVIG NATT features former members of Enslaved, Einherjer and Thundra. They released the 3rd album entitled "Evig Natt" on March 19th, recorded and produced by themselves. It's hard to define a genre for this band because they are maybe even something of a genre of their own.

To make it sort of explainable I would say the closest you can say is that Evig Natt are sort of a dark symphonic/orchestral rock/metal band. This review talks about their latest effort entitled "Evig Natt" that has been released in 2016.

The cover of the Evig Natt album. Coverart by Monica Frivoll Sund, Photo from Jørgen Freim.


From the land of the midnight sun (Norway) comes this fantastic release. Entitled "Evig Natt" this record comes with a special note. It's from a band that has a own idea of how music should sound on their minds. That's at least how I felt when I listented to this album. Otherwise I cannot explain how they've come to create their unique sound. The main point is that it is not as heavy as you would expect it of a typical band with metal trademarks and influences but also not soft enough to be accepted in the world of rock or mainstream.

But it's this sensible sound construct I love so much. The songs come around mostly in a slower format and sound dark and majestic. There are drums sometimes but they're not hitting it the hard way as you know it of the typical bands in the genre. The music evolves and changes but they always keep a dark shell around it. In the middle, in the center of it that's where you'll find the light. Something that shines so bright in the darkness. It's the voice of Kirsten Jørgensen which sometimes tends towards a syphonic and even orchestra like voice but it doesn't reach the highest points which prevents the voice from getting too dominant and striking the nerves so that you want to turn it off.

In contrast there's also a darker voice of Oskar Naley present giving some parts sort of a good/bad scene. Listen to it for yourselves - you need to hear it to realize what I like to express with my words.Please give it some time to fully sink in. You'll be rewarded. This music helps to distress from things a lot. It's as intense as I've seldomely heard of any other band before.

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You can pick up this diamond from the bandcamp page of Evig Natt directly. There's a download available but the band has also put out a edition on physical media for you to enjoy their music the good old way as a hardcopy. More configurations with T-Shirts are available from the same site, too.

A promo shot of the band, Photo-Credit: Jørgen Freim


Make sure to keep a eye on Evig Natt using the well known plattforms such as Facebook, Twitter or have a look at their YouTube channel.

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