Live Review: Great Escapes - Rock am Pferdemarkt Lingen 16.09.2016

Having missed the band in January this year when they played at the Alternative Rotation at Alter Schlachthof, Lingen I was more than pleased to hear that they would appear at this years "Rock am Pferdemarkt" Open Air in Lingen.

Great Escapes just did what the people like most: performing straight forward punk rock without fiddeling too much around. The band had the task to kick off the festival at a early stage time of 19h in the early evening. Anyway that along with the given rather short stage time of 30 minutes the band made something special of the show.

Great Escapes Live At Pferdemarkt Lingen Open Air 16.09.2016, Picture taken by Joern

Instead of talking much they decided to play a good amount of songs of their first CD that is properly titled "To My Ruin I'll Go Gladly". I like this look at the world - it's a so typical punk attitude to point at problems with the finger of irony. But as I wrote the show was something more special as Great Escapes decided to live-premiere four new tracks that the band has been putting together since the album release. I was also surprised to hear that the band has songs with english but also tracks that have german lyrics with them. You don't hear this mixture often.

The special thing about this band is that they're around in this constellation since 2014 but have gone straight to the start with a first full length recording at the end of 2015. In addition to that they were able to play many shows already - it's amazing to see what bands are able to make with so few support.

Great Escapes Live At Pferdemarkt Lingen Open Air 16.09.2016, Picture taken by Joern

The trio is a good pick if you just want to have a good time and many people out there liked what they did. Many families showed up and it was cool to see they enjoyed it, too. Make sure to check out their Facebook page to keep track of what they do next. Here is a video clip of Great Escapes to give you the possibility to have a idea of how they go along with their classic punk music. If you would like to hear more click on to Spotify that's where you can listen to the full album.

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