MONSTER celebrates Halloween with livevideo single

This weekend there can be once again heard the call for trick or treat at the door. It's time for Halloween and many bands out there are doing gigs where they dress in proper clothes and play for the audience or are setting up some nice goodies for the fans.

The Halloween candlelight greets you!

The same thing may have been on the mind when MONSTER decided to do a recap of this years show at the Coast Rock Open Air and hand the output in form of a live video out to their fans out there. The cool thing is that they've picked the Track "Random Acts of Undead Empathy" as a song for the video single release.

That one has been amongst my favorites ever since the band dropped their first full length album "The Arrival" in 2014. As for me it's a perfect blend of the thrash classics of the 80s but in a completly "Take no prisoners" attitude. The songs shot out directly without too much solos and experiments all around. Plus there's the voice of Alex who keeps them in a dark and death-metal like style yet they are clear enough to be fully enjoyable and listenable. Then there is the fun factor. While it's hard music it never misses out to give you a good feeling in the end. That's what not many bands come around with. Just give their new video a spin and I think you'll quickly know what I mean.

MONSTER are offering their album as download completly free of charge on their Soundcloud account. Anyway I'd like to point you to there Facebook page where you can message them if you'd like to place a order for a copy on CD for only 5 Euro plus 2 more bucks for shipping and handling for residents in Germany or add 4 more Euro for worlwide shipping. You can also use their E-Mail to place your order more quickly and easy.

If you're living in Germany you may be happy to know that the band has two shows in coming. Here are the dates:

04. November 2016  J.V.A. Club, Ludwigsfelde
05. November 2016 Juz Klex, Greifswald

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