CD Review: God in a cone - Agrypnia (2016)

This album sounds as if it is dedicated to the open minded metalheads out there. It's half a metal album while the other half is focussed on electronic and atmospheric parts.


God in a cone is the side project of Nick Marinos. You may know him best of his vocals for the gothic metal band Slitherum from Greece. This record however is a solo project effort and in many ways much different from what Nick produces with Slitherum.

The cover of the first God in a cone CD "Agrypnia", (c) by God in a cone, used with kind permission


Agrypnia is a album that comes around with a lot of melodies and harmonies that you can directly access. They often form a structure that is easy to follow and has a clear tonality and message. This means most of the material isn't that heavy. Nick Marinos mostly seems to have had atmosphere and groove more on his mind than to record brutal songs right here.

As I said before you need to be open minded to enjoy this one. Many people out there may be reminded of Paradise Lost's album "Host" when they listen to this record. I know those songs of the british icons was discussed many times by the people out there. I like it and it still rotates in my CD player from time to time.

The same may happen with the first God in a cone effort. Agrypnia is full of electronic effects. I know this may be something purists don't like at all. But if you open up to the melody and just focus on the beauty of the music you won't recognize this anymore. This album doesn't leave my ears each time I listen to it and that's a sign that this piece of music left something in me behind.

I can only recommend you to give it a try - but please don't expect the usual metal sound right here. If you like the songs of Sisters Of Mercy you may also find this album a pleasure. It also has partly something of Korn but only if you compare it to the slower material of Korn. Sit back, relax a bit and I think you will enjoy this, too.


Some tracks are up on the YouTube channel of the project. As for this review I've decided to pick "Cold Feeder" as a preview track for you. It got me into the record and I think it's the best way to discover the music of God In A Cone.


If you would like to purchase the album on CD add Nick Marinos to your friendlist on Facebook. He has some of the silver discs left in store and you can buy them via Paypal directly from him.


You can find more info on the project and get in touch with them via Facebook.

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