Hail Sagan take a stand against bullying and abuse

Bullying is a crime and not a normal way of treating others! It is a shame that this society doesn't seem to care about this important subject and most of all it is hard for victims to defend themselves or to protect against such attacks. That's the way I look at things and I'm glad there seem to be more people in the world of music who think that this topic needs to be expressed and talked about.

Female fronted Los Angeles hard Rock band Hail Sagan has taken a stand and brings this important matter up to the front in their video for the song "Dark Cloud". 

In a statement the band has clarified what can be seen in the video. Amery says "It's been a great experience being able to broach the subject of bullying and abuse with the lyrics of this song. We took it one step further and created a video with director Matthew Crum and DP Kenny Keeler that visually enhanced the sensitive subject matter.  

We chose to mask the members of the band in an effort to show the world that anyone can be a part of this, you never know who will be under there, maybe even a fan or someone who needs music to save them." 

At the moment you still have the chance to order the first EP that includes the song "Dark Cloud" directly from the band via Pledgemusic. If you order, you'll receive one of the limited edition copies on CD along with a signed print and a download of the songs. There's a second option which offers a signed copy of the record as well.

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