Onydia shares a glimpse of hope with upcoming single

I like it when the lyrics that come with the music transport something. This part of the song can be a message, a thought, a opionion, a statement or anything else you can imagine. I've often found myselves checking the lyrics out and many times they did hold something worth reading and thinking about. So I can only motivate everyone to do the same thing and have a closer look on what the song wants to tell you.

This track of the band Onydia also has this special idea behind it of transporting something to the listener.
The Main theme of the track is the rebirth of hope when everything seems to be over as the band points out in their own words:

"Life is a complicated path which often makes us feel lonely and abandoned.

In these moments, confidence in ourselves and in our abilities make us feel alive, restoring our energy and letting us create pure art. Creation is a supernatural entity which discloses itself.

The artist cannot help but lends his soul and his voice to this entity, which is stronger and bigger than him. "Dyaphany " is an explosion of creative strength which spreads energy and positivity. "

You can feel that these words come from the heart. Here is a little glimpse on how the single will sound like. If you like progressive metal with the deepth and intensity of the female voice - this is for you. Check out the snippet on the website of the band's record company Revalve Records.
The full single is going to see the light of day on Friday 09.12.2016.

Onydia is the new project born from the hands of the ex Elarmir musicians, Eleonora Buono (Ex Elarmir), Daniele Amador (Ex Elarmir, Ade), Luca Zamberti (Ex Elarmir), After sharing the stage with bands like Arch Enemy, Epica, Sirenia and Amorphis the band continued their way with a new chapter in form of a single and album. 

The Onydia name was created from two greek words, oneiro(dream) and diafanìs (transparent),”the display of a surreal dream in the real world, a mystical dream, our emoctions when creating art”
The band signed a record deal with Revalve Records for the release of the new single in autumn 2016 and the debut album that will be released in the first months of 2017. The album will feature some special guests.

Make use of Facebook to stay in touch with the band for all the further updates.

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