Realms Of Odoric share preview track on upcoming music & artbook collaboration

It has been a great experience for me to leave musical boundaries behind. Ever since I opened up my mind about other musical styles I found out that there's such a huge and wonderfull world outside of metal to explore. I can only encourage everyone out there to listen to things not-metal every here and there. It will expand your joy for music.

The new release of Realms Of Odoric draws near. It can be described as sort of musical journey to a land far away. It's not metal but music that is kept in a darker orchestral style. Musician and composer Arkadius Antonik (SuidAkra) as well as artist and illustrator Kris Verwimp (Marduk, Manegarm, Thyrfing) have added a further chapter of the fantasy epic with the unique combination of music and illustration.

The cover of the album "Second Age" from Realms Of Odoric, (c) by Realms Of Odoric, used with kind permission

The album "Second age" will be available in several formats. One of them will include a 80-page book in A4 format which features awsome illustrations of Kris Verwimp. It tells the story of the second age of Odoric in epic paintings - it's like having a artbook to accompany the musical experience with a optical component. With "The Last Embrace" you can check out one track in advance for yourselves along with the performance of the orchestra.

The song was recorded and produced in Budapest on 25th October together with the Budapest Film Orchestra. For the first time in the history of the project an album with guest musicians from around the world and two orchestras was implemented.

The album "Second Age" contains 18 compositions with a playing time of 44 minutes and will be released this week.
The album is not available in the regular stores, but only in the MDD shop in different editions. Make sure to follow this project further via Facebook.

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