Rock out with Santa Claus on free Incendia Music Compilation

So Santa Claus comes early this year and since you all out there were so kind to follow my blog so regulary and support me with music and information, here's a early present I can hand to you thanks to the nice people of Incendia Music Management and PR company.

This FREE sampler holds 15 bands that Incendia was working with over the last year, and bands they're excited to be working with in early 2017.

Examples include Agent, Brutai, Defences, Elbrano, Empire, Voyager and more....

The cover of the Incendia Music Christmas Compilation '16, (c) by Incendia Music

Some of those bands have been featured here on the blog as well but it should be mentioned that the compilation also includes tracks of bands that have not been mentioned yet.

I think of The Dreamer Within for example who created a exciting mixture of metalcore with synth-elements in their sounds. Very powerfull and unique music. There are The New Device up for listening, a hard rock act reminding of classic rock in the style of the 90s. Music that keeps you going through the day. In short this sampler features great music for all that would like to discover new music. You can check it out in the stream below or go straight on over to Bandcamp to download your copy.

If you'd like to get in touch with Incendia Music Management check out their homepage or see their Facebook account.

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