Book Review: Don't forget the business in the music business - Antonio Ponce (2016)

A book that keeps it short and instead of too much anecdotes it's filled to the brim with useful instructions and hints for bands who have passed the first basic steps.

The cover of Antonio Ponce's hintbook - Don't forget the business in the music business, (c) by Antonio Ponce, used with kind permission


Having a first look at this publications reveals that it won't be a long read. All in all it comes along with 78 pages of information. Don't let this keep you away from having a eye at it. The author knew that time is always short so he kept the words sharp and precise. He only focusses on what's really worth having a closer look at.

This said it should be mentioned that this hintbook is intended to bands that have already passed the first steps. You should have your instruments ready, learned how to play it properly and have assembled a bunch of people together that really can stick with each other. Songwriting is only touched slightly when it comes to things like sound and style. That's exactly where this business guide starts out.

You'll get direct tipps that can save you a lot of money and the boring surfing around and wasting time to figure out all the basic steps on how to lay down your basics for a proper band. Some chapters contain more information while others are held shorter. One thing was great for me: the book is also a good read for your own real life. It's of use not only to musicians but also to other people following their dreams...

It should also be said that these pages won't make you a superstar or anything like that. I think there is nothing like that around. A book also can never perform the steps for you that are necessary. If you keep that in mind you'll be satistied with your investement.

The only thing I would add in a second edition is something like a calculation sheet in a electronic format or at least a short example directly in the book. This would round out the chapter of keeping a close eye on the tight budget perfectly. It could help as a start you have directly at your hand because reading something is fine but how to turn it into real action? Anwer: here is a sheet to give you a proper start.


Since the book comes along for only 5 Dollar as a pdf file via the website of AP Jones Publishing I think it's a good starting point to bands that always have to trouble with money. But who doesn't have trouble with this in this world we live in? So don't be afraid, you are not the only one. As a alternative you can also pick it up as a Kindle file through Amazon.

If you want a copy as a real book you'll need to put in more money, it's available for around 20 Dollars on the website of the publisher AP Jones Publishing.

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