Darkwell take us deeper into Metropolis cosmos

Some time ago we had a announcement saying that the female fronted Austrian Gothic band Darkwell will be back with a new record that will see a return of former female vocalist Alexandra Pittracher. Some time has passed and the album is available since some time via Massacre Records.

The cover of the new Darkwell album "Moloch", (c) by Jasmin Elisabeth Wanner, used with kind permission
These days the band is back with a brand new video for the title track "Moloch". The content sticks to the Metropolis topic (Fritz Langs's fantastic 1927 movie "Metropolis") and can be seen as the prequel to first video single the band put out entittled "Yoshiwara".

As for me the female voice comes out brilliantly on this one, it's very dominating, multi-layered yet it doesn't ruin the track or overloads it. The drums are pushing the track forward and always seem to give it new drive when things seem to come to a end. It's all accompanied with the raw and cutting guitars which are held in a sharp and hard toned way.

Make sure to look up more details like show dates of the band via their web-presences on Facebook and check out the other band videos on their Youtube channel. 

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