Malice support fight against human trafficking on upcoming US tour

I love to see band's that say something against the bad things that are happening in our world. They use their power to bring topics to the table that many people surely would like to be kept in silence or ignored.

One of them are american true metal heads Malice who have announced to play a charity show in Las Vegas to raise money and awareness in the fight against human trafficking on their next touring cycle. Read the announcement to find out more about this and what you can expect of the upcoming Malice shows from bassist RayMan James directly:

"In a couple of weeks, Malice will bring the fight for heavy metal to the southwestern US on their "Slaying the Dragon" tour.

The tourposter for the "Slaying the Dragon Tour" from Malice, (c) by Malice, used with kind permission

We will be playing brand new songs off the band's upcoming 2nd album such as "Slaying the Dragon", "SwordMetal" and "Wheels of Steel", as well as songs that Malice fans have grown accustom to hearing at the live shows from our 2014 debut album "Triumph And Glory".

Along the way, Malice will be playing a charity show in Las Vegas to raise money and awareness in the fight against human trafficking, a cause that the members of Malice have been very passionate and outspoken about.

In addition, we will also be filming the new Malice music video while on tour. Malice is pleased to announce that power metal kings CAGE will be joining them for two shows on the tour, in their hometown of San Diego and the charity fund raiser against human trafficking in Las Vegas where they will showcase songs from their latest 7th album "Ancient Evil". This is a call to arms for all soldiers of steel to join Malice in the fight for pure heavy metal! Let the Battle begin."

"Slaying The Dragon" Southwest US tour dates

1/20/17 - House of Metal (Malone's) - Santa Ana, CA (with GRAHAM BONNET)
1/21/17 - Frogees - Apple Valley, CA (with KANTATION)
1/22/17 - The Lexington - Downtown Los Angeles, CA
1/23/17 - Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA (with CAGE)
1/25/17 - The Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV (with CAGE)
1/27/17 - Club X - Salt Lake City, UT
2/13/17 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN (with LORDI)

For updates make sure to see the homepage or Facebook site of the band.

Here's a video of the band in case you don't know them and / or to shorten the waiting time 'till the tour starts.

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