Northern Lines demonstrate own idea of instrumental prog music

Some bands work out instrumental tracks that can impress you with it's simple structure yet the track never becomes boring also it has a long duration.

Northern Lines, who are located in Italy have created such a piece of music and currently are handing it out on a pay what you want basis on their Bandcamp page. The fine thing is that it's surely progressive rock/metal but that it's listenable on such a direct and easy basis. I think that's what not many band's have to offer and make this band worth checking out.

The track is taken of the upcoming album "The Fearmonger" which will be released this month. Make sure to keep a eye on the band via Facebook or Twitter so you won't miss out about the release details. As for the first you can already have a look upon the cover which give's a short glimpse upon the concept story of the record which will talk about death/dying.

The cover of Northern Lines album cover for "The Fearmonger", (c) by Northern Lines, used with kind permission

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