XII Boar show different side of their musical talent

XII Boar came along as a typical Rock 'n' Roll band to me. Their album "Pitworthy" is a record dedicated to the die hard metal fans and is serving a hefty brew of Heavy Metal mixed up with elements of Blues music. The sound reminds me of a combination of acts like Motörhead and ZZ Top that has been fueled up with a lot of intensive heavyness. A fine mixture if you like that stuff.

These days the band has come around with a brand new track "Black and Blues" of the follow-up album "Beyond The Valley of The Triclops". As the title already reveals it includes a good potion of Blues music with it but as for me it is far more.

A shot of XII Boar's video "The black and blues", (c) by XII Boar, used with kind permission
It shows how diverse XII Boar are able to perform on their instruments. They present a good potion of technical abilities aside from the all too present distortion heavy music is mostly anticipated with through the use of harmonica and acoustic fingerpicking.

The song is taken of XII Boars current album "Beyond The Valley of The Triclops". Make sure to have a look at the band's homepage or use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to pick up more detailed info on the record.

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