CD Review: Reclvse - Evil Lvrks (Doom, 2016)

This EP from Reclvse shows impressively that a band can evolve a lot from one record to another.

Thinking back on their debut recording in 2014 I had in mind that these guys prefer a sort of doom that comes around slowly in terms of speed and with lots of majestic vocals. Having turned on their their current output that has been dropped in August 2016 a surprise came my way and it already began with a much more decent and detailed cover sleeve.

The cover of Reclvse's "Evil Lurks" painted by Bvrzerk, (c) by Reclvse, used with kind permission

The EP starts with a short bell intro and the title track makes clear that the band has started to open up a new chapter with the release of this one. While the overall tonality remains true to the classic and oldschool doom formula the songs itself are kept in a much more faster way. In addition to that they are much more groove oriented and the song structures are set in a more precise and sharper way. You can jump into the sound straight from the start without knowing too much of the band beforehand.

"Evil Lurks" itself is only the beginning. The record pushes the mood of the listener further with each track until it explodes in the third number named "Inn Modern Times". Another surprise - the fastest number I wouldn't have expected ever from them. The last two tracks are live recordings. Both numbers help you to come down a bit again. They are held in the style of the first two songs of the EP. Check the title track if you want to find out quickly if this band fits to your musical taste.

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Overall this recording should be a fine discovery to all those people out there loving the old days of Black Sabbath. Riffs, simple groove and straight vocals are the essence of this recording. The recording is up for a "Pay what you want" price on Bandcamp. Please consider giving some bucks so the band can continue to provide you with more fine doom metal and let you enjoy liveshows that we all love and need so much.


Make sure to keep the contact with this Doom band located in South Wales through their Facebook page offering a lot of nice bonus-content.

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