Preview pages of James Hetfield biography surfaced

James Hetfield is for sure a outstanding personality in the world of metal. Before becoming known as one of the greatest metal guitarists in the world, Hetfield surpassed several barriers throughout his adolescence including his parents’ divorce, his mother’s untimely death and severe alcoholism.

It is for sure interesting to read how he went along with all the stuff that crossed his path. I always enjoy a look at the beginnings of people. It's exciting to read how they lived their lives, which decison lead to which consequence and how other stuff found their way into their lifes. Some info and story of that kind is about to come our way with the book "So Let It Be Written: The Biography of Metallica's James Hetfield". After months of speculation from fans and critics, preview pages of the introduction and chapter 1 are now available exclusively on CLRVYNT.

Update 2017-06-04: A excerpt of chapter six along with some pictures takes out of the release have been published online at the pages of Noisey. This part of the book talks about the creation of the second Metallica album "Ride The Lightning" and offers some nice insight into the making of.

The cover of "So Let It Be Written: The Biography of Metallica's James Hetfield", (c) by Lesser Gods, used with kind permission

In the first biography of a living Metallica member the author Mark Eglinton uses exclusive, firsthand interviews with a number of artists and celebrities who have crossed paths with Hetfield including members of Metallica, Chuck Billy (Testament), Charlie  Benante (Anthrax), Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains), Rex Brown (Pantera), and more to construct the definitive account of Hetfield.

So Let It Be Written: The Biography of Metallica’s James Hetfield will hit shelves and online stores on April 11, 2017 via Lesser Gods. The publication can be pre-ordered via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indies.

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