The Interactive Metal Genres Graph offers interactive family tree

Heavy Metal is a genre with many roots and influences. It's coming along and has evolved constantly all the way from 1968 up to present days. But how did it all come together? A brand new website called Bound By Metal has taken the task to set up a accurate graph that feels a bit like a family tree of our beloved genre. Here's a little preview snippet for you to check out:

A preview of The Interactive Metal Genres Graph, (c) by Martin Schmid, used with kind permission

But it's far more. You can not "only" check a detailed overview on the timeline, influences and subgenres of Heavy Metal. You can do some interaction with the graph. The instructions are given directly on the page above the graphic. If you take your time you'll surely make some surprising discoveries this way. Or did you always know where your favorite metal subgenre has it's roots from?

All feedback or idea's for improvements are welcome. You can post them directly in the discussion area underneath the graph on the homepage. Make sure to follow this great project further with a like on the Facebook page of Bound by Metal​.

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