Metalocalypstick Fest celebrates women in Metal

Some festivals have something special to offer. This particular one caught my attention with it's unusual wooden stage. In addition to that it has mountains as natural backdrop. A really special and cool location.

But what's even better is the fact that this Valemount, BC  Lone Butte, BC (Canada) (Explanation. I got a update in the mail today that the venue has moved.) based festival centers upon the female contribution to the world of Heavy music and has some band in it's line-up from countries you don't see often at festivals (Egypt, Mexico). Founded by Kaija Kinney of Vancouver’s Anarcheon after researching a lack of female based metal festivals to apply her band to, Kinney took matters into in her own and decided to produce the event.

Kinney comments:

“This festival means the celebration of both sexes coming together and creating something amazing. People like to say women in metal aren’t a big deal anymore and that we are all the same. I feel that is untrue, this is still a male dominated world and woman are still looked as lesser. I want to showcase all these bad ass ladies and celebrate the differences of men and woman rather than pretend we are all equal. Truth is we are different why can't we celebrate that?”

Check the short trailer below to find out how it's like to be at METALOCALYPSTICK FEST. Even if you can't make it there I recommend to watch the movie. It has some great band's rocking the stage so it's well worth checking it out.

METALOCALYPSTICK is being held during Canada Day weekend on July 1st and 2nd in Valemount, BC. Lone Butte, BC (Canada) at the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC. (Explanation. I got a update in the mail today that the venue has moved.)

This year's line up features bands from across Canada and beyond with Cabrakaan (Toluca, Mexico), Sovereign Council (Kingston, ON), Violent Betty (Saskatoon, SK), Atmora (Windsor, ON), Scythia (Calgary, AB), Massive Scar Era (Vancouver, BC / Cairo, Egypt) and many more.

There are day-tickets available (64 Candian Dollar) but there's also a option for both days (priced at 95 CAD including camping).
Poster created by Abradinfluence

Update 2017/04/26: The venue has moved. The festival will be held in Lone Butte, BC at the outdoor grounds of the Interlakes Community Center in Lone Butte, BC.

In addition to the festival celebrating women in metal, the METALOCALYPSTICK FEST gives back to the community by being a non-profit organization dedicated to raise funds and donating 100% of proceeds to local charities Girls Rock Camp, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, Earth Protectors plus an audience picked foundation.

For tickets and more info, please visit the following links:
Event Page- www.facebook.com/events/1158984924137688/
Ride Share - www.facebook.com/groups/metalocalypstickfestrideshare/


Final Coil reveal bombastic lyric video along detailed album info

This particular day I've been gifted with the great news that Leicester based alt-prog formation Final Coil give us the first insight into what is going to be their debut record. Being a band that's been on my radar for a long time now they pushed me a bit further into their sound with every release. It's amazing to feel how much music can move in your mind and this band has brought a lot of topics to the table that I think need to be discussed. 

But enough of my intoduction let's have it. It's a long read but one worth it. The band reveals a lot of snippets and details that I hope you people out there will find as exciting as I am about it. If you prefer listening to music over reading just scroll down to the very end of this article - there's a massive lyric video worth every second of your time there for you.

The bandmembers of Final Coil, (c) by Final Coil, used with kind permission

Signing to Label, Cover, Release Date and Tracklist
Final Coil have signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records for the release of their debut album "Persistence of Memory".

Final Coil Persistence of Memory album cover, (c) by Final Coil, used with kind permission

Release dates
Digital release date : 23rd June 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
U.S.A : 14th July 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
CD release date : 22nd September 2017 (Aural Music Group)
Japan : TBA (Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion)

1. Corruption
2. Dying
3. Alone
4. You Waste My Time
5. Myopic
6. Failed Light
7. Spider Feet
8. Lost Hope
9. Moths To The Flame
10. In Silent Reproach
11. Alienation

About "Persistence of Memory" - Lyric Concept about the impact of modern technology

Produced by Italian producer Wahoomi Corvi (CreTura, The Way Of Purity) at Real Sound Studios and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Heads, Closet Disco Queen) at Redmount Studios in Stockholm, Persistence of Memory is the debut album from UK alternative rock / prog band Final Coil set for release via Worm Hole Death Records.

An eleven-track album loosely based around the theme of lost communication and dehumanisation in the face of an ever-increasing wave of technological innovation, Persistence of memory is a dark, hallucinatory journey into a world of broken familial ties, savage regret and seething rage against the dying of the light.

Song description
Moving deftly from the sonic firestorm of opening number Corruption (a song juxtaposing physical and moral corruption set against crushing, juggernaut riffs) to the Floydian disquiet of Alienation, Persistence of memory is an album of contrasts which finds its centrepiece in the progressive epic Failed light, a song that focuses on finding hope amidst the desolation.  A deeply personal piece of music, frontman Phil Stiles states simply that “failed light is the best thing I have ever written – of all the songs on the album, this was the one we had to get right.”  At ten minutes, it is a lengthy work that ebbs and flows beautifully and it sees Phil and lead guitarist Richard Awdry trading solos and vocal harmonies in a manner that will have fans of Anathema and Pink Floyd in raptures.

Other highlights on the album include the synth-infused you waste my time with its stinging lyric focusing on self-absorption, the brooding Spider Feet (one of two songs written by guitarist Richard Awdry) and the desolate finale of alienation, a track that shifts from Phil’s heart-broken and vulnerable lyric to a truly gargantuan tsunami of arcing riffs that close the album with dizzying power.

Album tracked through analogue equipment
Another aspect of “getting it right” was the band’s insistence on keeping the use of computers to a minimum. The band tracked the album through a beautifully restored analogue mixing desk at Real Sound Studios in Langhirano (Northern Italy) under the guidance of Wahoomi Corvi. “Wao was totally understanding from the start” says Phil of his relationship with the producer. “He was more used to producing metal bands, but when we played him the demos he realised straight away that we needed a warmer, more analogue sound and he worked hard with us to get good takes rather than edit us into perfection.”

Mastering done with a different intention
Similarly, the choice of mastering engineer was crucial. For Phil, there was only one choice: “I’ve been a huge fan of Cult of Luna for a long time, and last year I discovered albums by the bands Heads and Closet Disco Queen pretty much because they had worked with Magnus. Magnus understands the importance of a dynamic master and that was essential to me. So many records now are mastered to be as loud as hell, whereas I wanted people to be able to enjoy the space in the music and, if they want it loud, all they have to do is turn it up!”

Music as a journey
An emotionally-charged debut album, Persistence of Memory is the work of a passionate, sonically ambitious band who draw upon elements of progressive, post-rock, metal and alternative rock to create something truly innovative. For Phil the album “was the chance of a life-time. We worked incredibly hard to make the album flow from start to finish because we want the music to take the listener on a journey. Since I was very young, I would get goose bumps listening to records and just letting the music take me away from the real world for a short time, and I hope that our listeners can find the same escape in our music.”

Video single in a most expressive combination of words, music and pictures
Can't wait to hear something for yourselves? Have a listen right here right now with the opening track "Corruption" packed in a beautiful picture and expression-ladden lyric video. Make sure to follow Final Coil on Facebook.


Easter Egg: Spiritual Sickness hand album and EP as last goodbye

Happy Easter everyone! It's time to go and search for the colorful and tasty eggs again.

But wait this article is already one. Sadly it comes with a bitter news to be added to it.

American progressive power metal band Spiritual Sickness have announced the band's immediate break-up. The band played their very last show on March 25, 2017 at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst, New York fronted by special guest vocalist Veronica Freemen "The V" (Benedictum).

The Spiritul Sickness logo, (c) by Spiritual Sickness, used with kind permission

Spiritual Sickness founder / guitarist Ed Mischke has checked in with the following comment:

"It is with sadness and regret that I must announce that Spiritual Sickness is being put to ice. The band had a killer run full of heavy and hard hitting metal shows and I was lucky enough to play with some great musicians along the way such as Jeff Kohler, Brian Cahill, Jim Nola, Mark Zapata, Eddie Jucius, Veronica Freeman and Mike Festa. All stellar musicians, great people and excellent friends. Id like to give thanks to the bands we were recently lucky enough to tour with Cage and Ghost Ship Octavius..And a few other people not necessarily in any order.John Rup, Kevin Scondotto, Van Williams, Sean Peck, Rich Brymer, Nicki Camp, Video Uploader, Blackthorn 51, Bill Pollard, Bennett Montalbano, Billy Loney, Lori Eitleman and Wally Huggins. Actually there are probably a few hundred people that I actually need to thank and if Iid forget you please understand. Thanks to all the bands, clubs and internet radio stations. My wife Miljenka and my daughters Nicole Jamie and Taylor for being at every show possible and all the people who have supported us over the years from the bottom of my heart.Thank you. Just a parting note.Whats beginning to rise from the ashes is gonna be bad ass..I am far from done!!"

The band has decided to give away their 2011 debut album "Architects of Agony" and the follow-up 2014 EP "Spiritual Sickness" as free digital downloads for all to have and enjoy.

Make sure to follow the Spiritual Sickness Facebook page so you'll know what the members will do next.

Having heard the songs for the first time myselves it's hard to believe that this band calls it quits. It's great music and having heard the track "Beyond the wall of shame" I'm sure this is a combo with massive potential. It took me by storm.

If your're not shure if this is worth the download check out the song stream below to quickly check the band's abilities.


CD Review+Tourdates: Illyrian - Round 2: Fight! (Thrash, 2016)

A album as heavy and dark as black coffee: strong, refreshing and getting better with every sip you take.

Illyrian came as a quick neckbreaker to me. The first time i've been introduced to them was the time they put out the video single for the title track of Round 2: Fight! The riffs beat me down and besides the unbelievable drums that hit my ears it was the tri-vocal attack I loved so much. This was for sure a album to have a eye upon. The longplayer finally found it's ways into my ears and here's what went through my mind while listening to this Thrash metal album.

The cover of the album Round 2:Fight!, (c) by Illyrian, used with kind permission

What a record! This is for sure a album for the lovers of strong thrash. If you're really deep into this genre of metal but other albums never were able to feed you completly you should try this riff hacker. It's heavy as hell! But the coolest part of it all is that after the first half the album get's even heavier.

The first five tracks put the foundation with building the foundation and introduction to the sound. They introduce most of the classic thrash formula (plus slightly modern elements on "Opulent & Imperial") with scream-along refrains plus tight guitars and even harder pushing drums. The drums have left me with a open mouth behind. It's few times you hear a drummer putting out so much energy on one album. Just check "Zeta Reticulan" to experience what I mean.

Track six "Mindbender" feels like turning the wheel. It's a midtempo thrasher with many changes and much diversity in it. The vocals become more sick this time they sound much more bad ass than on the first half of the CD. This set's the direction for the second pack of songs which are all kept smore riff-orientied, slightly more complex at times and cutting it more towards the rough edge. It's like in a fight: things have become heavier the longer it takes.

Album Stream and Purchase-Link
As for me this is a thrash sensation of 2016. Never thought I would ever come across something like this one. If you love the old thrash formula to be combined with vocals of changing rougher, darker and sometimes screaming nature along with pure energetic drums you should check this one out.

It's available for around 10 CAD from their Bandcamp page or you may pick it up from iTunes or Amazon. A CD version is available from their Bandcamp site.

Tourdates 2017
Best of all the band will hit the road in Canda in a few days. Don't miss out the chance to see them. I've checked out a live video on Youtube and that flashed me. 

April 20 – Calgary, AB – Nite Owl
April 21 – Edmonton, AB – DV8
May 2 – Banff, AB – Hoodoo Lounge
May 8 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s
May 12 – Abbotsford, BC – Brothers Billiard
May 13 – Vancouver, BC – Media Club
May 14 – TBA
May 15 – Nanaimo, BC – The Cambie
May 17 – Vernon, BC – Record City
May 18 – Kelowna, BC – Chaos w/ NoMessisah Radio Show
May 19 – Prince George, BC – Fore Bistro
May 20 – Burns Lake, BC – The Dungeon

Contact Data
You can contact Illyrian on Facebook, Twitter or check out their homepage for all the latest.


CD Review: Rebel Machine - Nothing Happens Overnight (Hard Rock, 2016)

Records like this one keep you going in times when everything seems to be nothing but a hard way. Tune in to some Rebel Machine to receive some uplifting feeling and read post number 500 on this blog.

Rebel Machine are a Hard Rock band from Brazil. Their sound is mainly aimed at the rescue of classical elements with a modern approach. Being a DIY band, Rebel Machine signs the musical and executive production of their work. The album also had vocal production by Renato Osorio (Hibria) and mixing and mastering by Benhur Lima (Hibria, Keep Them Blind).

The cover of Rebel Machine's debut "Nothing Happens Overnight", (c) by Rebel Machine, used with kind permission
The biggest strenght of albums such as this one is the fact that they keep rocking so straight on forward as if nothing could ever stop them. It's this mixture of fresh riffs, the tight and modern production that creates all the happiness you experience through listening to the album. You can listen to the eight tracks straight away, they're not complex or anything but will kick your ass straight from the start.

The finest moments during the listening session are sourced of the vocal work of singer Marcelo Pereira. His finetuned work on the songs gives the album this special something it needs to stand out of the rest. I remember having the same feeling as back in the day when Gotthard's old vocalist Steve Lee was still around doing the vocals and outstanding show with the Swiss Rockers. I feel like Rebel Machine are a bit of the same.

But the band also has set their own trademarks. Rebel Machine sounds much more heavier and the tracks are shorter, very precise and head straight in without any intros or longer upbuilding. They rock from the first minute 'till the last. This is a pure Rock 'n' Roll rollercoaster shaking you through in a good half hour.

The only downside of this is that the album has no slower songs in it that give you a moment for refreshment. But I guess that's something the band may do in the next recordings that are hopefully to see the day of light in the future.

Besides that have a closer look upon the unique cover. What do you think it could express? As for me it says that everything in life has it's time. Once it's gone it's gone so live your life while you still can...

Player and Purchase-Link
The album is available on major platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music , Google  or directly from the band's Bandcamp page. Please support this band with a purchase - the album price is kept very fan friendly (starting at one dollar on Bandcamp) so you don't have to sacrifice that much to own a digital copy.

Contact Data
Make sure to keep a eye upon this promising band and support them with a follow-click on sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. They also have a homepage up and running if you prefer that way.


Grand Opening of Ellefson Coffee Outlet April 7-9 with

This event that takes place this coming weekend looks nice especially for Megadeth fans but also for all people loving the heavier side of music since it has many attractions that sound thrilling.

Having the chance to fetch some coffee that has been inspired by Megadeth bass guitar player David Ellefson along with music performances featuring songs of KIK TRACEE and ZFM along with a special event centered around the paranormal author and investigator Adrian Lee sound cool so here's the detailed info:

In addition to Ellefson himself, who will be in attendance all 3 days, the event will be co-hosted by special guest, comedian, and THAT METAL SHOW co-host Don Jamieson appearing on Saturday.

The grand opening will feature special acoustic performances by Kik Tracee/Zen From Mars vocalist Stephen Shareaux, with Bang Tango/ZFM guitarist Drew Fortier, who will play several sets over the weekend of KIK TRACEE and ZFM material.

Also joining the festivities on Satuday is Bryn Arens, frontman of local Minneapolis legends FLIPP, paranormal author and investigator Adrian Lee, who will lead Ellefson and co. on an exploration to LOON LAKE CEMETARY, the local Jackson burial ground that inspired the Megadeth classic “Mary Jane”, and local Jackson Stock Car driver Luke Sathoff, who will have his ELLEFSON COFFEE CO sponsored car on display.

Also on display is the “Museum of Deth” featuring permanently displayed artifacts and memorabilia from Ellefson’s personal collection, including highlights such as David’s Jackson High marching band uniform, as well as memorabilia from other artists including Machine Head, Max Cavalera, Coal Chamber, and fellow 2017 Grammy Nominees KORN.

You can pay ECC a visit at 404 Second St, Jackson, MN, 56143


A Place To Fall drum video shows killer rhythm performance

In today's music I often feel that the musicians give more than everything but in all the sound it's not always easy to make it out clearly how certain parts contribute to the overall sound picture.

This thought came to my mind when I saw the drum playthrough video that the post hardcore band A Place To Fall released. It's massive to see how heavily the drummer follows with his pattern the guitar chords and how much it powers the track to overall high energy level. Nevertheless the end has some redemption feeling with it...

The track "Dream Of Memories" is taken of the band's latest record "Lost Myself". Make sure to pick up your copy on CD from the band's webshop. There's also a option to pick a bundle of the silver disc and a band shirt in white color (not seen so often in the world of metal).

Make sure to follow A Place To Fall further through Facebook or Instagram. They are already working on new material so it's exciting to see how things will go on further.