A Place To Fall drum video shows killer rhythm performance

In today's music I often feel that the musicians give more than everything but in all the sound it's not always easy to make it out clearly how certain parts contribute to the overall sound picture.

This thought came to my mind when I saw the drum playthrough video that the post hardcore band A Place To Fall released. It's massive to see how heavily the drummer follows with his pattern the guitar chords and how much it powers the track to overall high energy level. Nevertheless the end has some redemption feeling with it...

The track "Dream Of Memories" is taken of the band's latest record "Lost Myself". Make sure to pick up your copy on CD from the band's webshop. There's also a option to pick a bundle of the silver disc and a band shirt in white color (not seen so often in the world of metal).

Make sure to follow A Place To Fall further through Facebook or Instagram. They are already working on new material so it's exciting to see how things will go on further.

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