CD Review: Rebel Machine - Nothing Happens Overnight (Hard Rock, 2016)

Records like this one keep you going in times when everything seems to be nothing but a hard way. Tune in to some Rebel Machine to receive some uplifting feeling and read post number 500 on this blog.

Rebel Machine are a Hard Rock band from Brazil. Their sound is mainly aimed at the rescue of classical elements with a modern approach. Being a DIY band, Rebel Machine signs the musical and executive production of their work. The album also had vocal production by Renato Osorio (Hibria) and mixing and mastering by Benhur Lima (Hibria, Keep Them Blind).

The cover of Rebel Machine's debut "Nothing Happens Overnight", (c) by Rebel Machine, used with kind permission
The biggest strenght of albums such as this one is the fact that they keep rocking so straight on forward as if nothing could ever stop them. It's this mixture of fresh riffs, the tight and modern production that creates all the happiness you experience through listening to the album. You can listen to the eight tracks straight away, they're not complex or anything but will kick your ass straight from the start.

The finest moments during the listening session are sourced of the vocal work of singer Marcelo Pereira. His finetuned work on the songs gives the album this special something it needs to stand out of the rest. I remember having the same feeling as back in the day when Gotthard's old vocalist Steve Lee was still around doing the vocals and outstanding show with the Swiss Rockers. I feel like Rebel Machine are a bit of the same.

But the band also has set their own trademarks. Rebel Machine sounds much more heavier and the tracks are shorter, very precise and head straight in without any intros or longer upbuilding. They rock from the first minute 'till the last. This is a pure Rock 'n' Roll rollercoaster shaking you through in a good half hour.

The only downside of this is that the album has no slower songs in it that give you a moment for refreshment. But I guess that's something the band may do in the next recordings that are hopefully to see the day of light in the future.

Besides that have a closer look upon the unique cover. What do you think it could express? As for me it says that everything in life has it's time. Once it's gone it's gone so live your life while you still can...

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The album is available on major platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music , Google  or directly from the band's Bandcamp page. Please support this band with a purchase - the album price is kept very fan friendly (starting at one dollar on Bandcamp) so you don't have to sacrifice that much to own a digital copy.

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