CD Review+Tourdates: Illyrian - Round 2: Fight! (Thrash, 2016)

A album as heavy and dark as black coffee: strong, refreshing and getting better with every sip you take.

Illyrian came as a quick neckbreaker to me. The first time i've been introduced to them was the time they put out the video single for the title track of Round 2: Fight! The riffs beat me down and besides the unbelievable drums that hit my ears it was the tri-vocal attack I loved so much. This was for sure a album to have a eye upon. The longplayer finally found it's ways into my ears and here's what went through my mind while listening to this Thrash metal album.

The cover of the album Round 2:Fight!, (c) by Illyrian, used with kind permission

What a record! This is for sure a album for the lovers of strong thrash. If you're really deep into this genre of metal but other albums never were able to feed you completly you should try this riff hacker. It's heavy as hell! But the coolest part of it all is that after the first half the album get's even heavier.

The first five tracks put the foundation with building the foundation and introduction to the sound. They introduce most of the classic thrash formula (plus slightly modern elements on "Opulent & Imperial") with scream-along refrains plus tight guitars and even harder pushing drums. The drums have left me with a open mouth behind. It's few times you hear a drummer putting out so much energy on one album. Just check "Zeta Reticulan" to experience what I mean.

Track six "Mindbender" feels like turning the wheel. It's a midtempo thrasher with many changes and much diversity in it. The vocals become more sick this time they sound much more bad ass than on the first half of the CD. This set's the direction for the second pack of songs which are all kept smore riff-orientied, slightly more complex at times and cutting it more towards the rough edge. It's like in a fight: things have become heavier the longer it takes.

Album Stream and Purchase-Link
As for me this is a thrash sensation of 2016. Never thought I would ever come across something like this one. If you love the old thrash formula to be combined with vocals of changing rougher, darker and sometimes screaming nature along with pure energetic drums you should check this one out.

It's available for around 10 CAD from their Bandcamp page or you may pick it up from iTunes or Amazon. A CD version is available from their Bandcamp site.

Tourdates 2017
Best of all the band will hit the road in Canda in a few days. Don't miss out the chance to see them. I've checked out a live video on Youtube and that flashed me. 

April 20 – Calgary, AB – Nite Owl
April 21 – Edmonton, AB – DV8
May 2 – Banff, AB – Hoodoo Lounge
May 8 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s
May 12 – Abbotsford, BC – Brothers Billiard
May 13 – Vancouver, BC – Media Club
May 14 – TBA
May 15 – Nanaimo, BC – The Cambie
May 17 – Vernon, BC – Record City
May 18 – Kelowna, BC – Chaos w/ NoMessisah Radio Show
May 19 – Prince George, BC – Fore Bistro
May 20 – Burns Lake, BC – The Dungeon

Contact Data
You can contact Illyrian on Facebook, Twitter or check out their homepage for all the latest.

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