CD Review: Unothera - Broken EP (Doom/Death Metal, 2016)

A EP rooted in both genres - Doom and Death Metal with extraordinaty vocal performances packed in classic songwriting format.

The cover of Unothera's "Broken" EP, (c) by Unothera, used with kind permission

This silver disc reminds me of classic gothic metal releases of the traditional acts such as Paradise Lost in their beginnings. It lives of the contrasts in the sound. On the one hand many clear and lighter sound-textured parts are part of the songs while other sections are held much heavier, darker with growls and lot's of distorted guitars rounded out with midtempo grooving drums.

On above all of this mixture melodic splitters are put inside that give a softer tonality or dominate with their high notes some heavier sections as if they were put there to light those parts a bit up. 

The high vocals deserve a special mention. They vary a lot through the whole EP and spice the whole release up. "Winter" is a good example for this. Everything is held in classic songwriting format but the slight additions mentioned above make this one to point to later on again. It sounds different from other releases of the same genre. If you're into this sort of metal I recommend you to check this EP. It may be a fine surprise to you.

Purchase-Link & Preview Track

This five track disc can be purchased directly through the Facebook page of Unothera for 5 Euro plus shipping and handling. You'll receive a burned silver media in a small slipcase but with a professional, sharp layouted small booklet that holds the lyrics of the release. That's not very common for such offerings. The disc itself comes labeled with the motive of the cover but in a different incarnation. Nice gimmick that is not to be found too often.

One track of the EP found it's way online so I've added it here as a preview track.

Contact Data

You can get in touch with Unothera via there online presence on Facebook.

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