Pryti speaks out about fears of life

Fear surely is a emotion we all have come across in our lifes. It's not easy at all to go through life and to face all the decisions we have to make.

Alternative singer/songwriter Pryti has picked up this topic and worked it up in a proper lyric video for her single "Angst" off her recent debut album, Tales of a Melancholic. This version of the song is newly remastered and available via the common digital plattforms.

It's a heavy, pushing and raw riffing track that came as a surprise to me. Being introduced to the softer side of Pryti before this kicking track made my ears open widely. The text also is worth having a look so the lyric video is a perfect fit if you're struggling with doubt every here and there.

In addition to that Pryti will also be playing her first live show in London, UK on June 14th, at The Black Heart with support from Awooga. This event offers free entry so don't miss out the chance to see this great singer/songwriter and experience her unique atmospheric tracks with your own eyes and ears.

All details are listed on the flyer below. Also make sure to invite your friends via Facebook because visiting shows is more fun with good friends by your side.

The flyer for the 2017 Camden show, (c) by Pryti, used with kind permission
Finally keep a eye on Pryti using social channels such as Youtube, Twitter or Instagram.

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