Oldschool thrash package with Onslaught, Artillery & Exarsis in Europe Fall 2017

This package promises to bring in thrash like in the old days with a massive billing featuring bands that will make the club burn! Plus you can pick up the brand new Exarsis record up to four weeks ahead of the official street date. Check all the details below.

The Greek Thrashers of Exarsis will release their new album, "New War Order", on October 20th. On the occasion of the release, the band will accompany Onslaught and Artillery on their Thrash 'Till Death European Tour 2017 from 23.09 to 13.10, on which the album is already available in advance!

"New War Order" was recorded again at the D Studios in Athens and mixed and mastered by Mike Karpathiou. The album contains 10 songs with a playing time of almost 40 minutes. A "must have" for every thrash metal maniac!

Thrash 'Till Death tourdates Fall 2017 for Europe

// tourdates //
23.09 Helvete Club – Oberhausen, Germany
24.09 Hedon Club – Zwolle, Netherlands
25.09 De Verlichte Geest – Roeselare, Belgium
26.09 Roxy Concerts – Flensburg, Germany
27.09 Garage Deluxe – Munich, Germany
28.09 Moonlight Music Hall – Diest, Belgium
30.09 Kiehool Burgum – Burgum, Netherlands
02.10 Schwarzer Adler – Tannheim-Egelsee, Germany
03.10 Escape Metalcorner – Vienna, Austria
04.10 7er Club – Mannheim, Germany
05.10 Musigburg – Aarburg, Switzerland
06.10 Dagda Live Club – Pavia, Italy
07.10 Revolver Music Hall – Venice, Italy
08.10 Borderline – Pisa, Italy
09.10 Utopia Sala – Zaragoza, Spain
11.10 SMAC de La Gespe – Tarbes, France
12.10 Sala Upload – Barcelona , Spain
13.10 Urban Concept – Vitoria, Spain


Corners Of Sanctuary show how Dreams sound like

Take chances when they come across in your life. At least as long as they include something good for you. That's what I would recommend to people out there thinking about this topic.

Corners Of Sanctuary recently had the chance to break out of the band's sound formula. This may sound strange for a band rooted in the traditional Metal sector but I like to see band's leaving their boundaries behind and daring to go new ways. It's impressive to hear a spectrum of feelings in it. The drums stand out a bit. It's not often that I've heard double bass drums on a slower track but here it works to my surprise. Read on and find out how that new song "Dreams" came to life and listen while reading. It's a longer read but well worth it.

"We wanted to try something different," said Mick Michaels, the band's founder and guitarist. "I had the opportunity to work with Kayla last year while producing Powerless Rise's first album. I knew she would make a great fit for the direction this song was meant to go in," he continued.

Breaking out of the routine
The song is a strong departure from the band's usual delivery of the modern classic heavy metal sound. "I think we managed to maintain our signature traditional style. It's definitely COS. We just tweaked the formula a bit to create another layer of the band's personality. You can't be afraid to take chances," Michaels added. “This is a sweet track! It actually strikes a nice balance between catchy hooks and the usual Heavy Metal sound. I think people will love it,” said Jason McGathey, President of Exquisite Noise Records regarding the new single.

The artwork of the new Corners Of Sanctuary single "Dreams", (c) by Corners Of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Lyrics co-written with Drummer Mad T
Inspired by a friend as a challenge to do something different, Michaels wrote the music but co-penned the song's lyrics with drummer Mad T. "After the music was demoed, I asked T what he thought and if he had any ideas for the arrangement. He said he really liked it and handed me some lyrics he had already written. They fit. We did some rewrites and adjusted the arrangement... T wrote the bulk of the lyrics, I just COSified them," Michaels explained. “The lyrics were actually written a few years back,” states COS drummer Mad T. “When I heard the song, I knew immediately they would work. I’m absolutely blown away with how this song turned out. The combination of Kayla and the music. The song literally feels like a dream!” he added with a smile.

Status of upcoming album
"Dreams" comes on the heels of the band's recent completion of their "yet-to-be-released" fifth studio album, "The Galloping Hordes". The album, which began recording in late 2016, was being worked on in between the band’s hefty live date schedule and is slated to release this Fall.

"We are hoping to get the album out later this year. But there's no rush," said bassist James Pera. "We have a lot of stuff going on at the moment and when the time is right, it will be released," he added.

A promo shot of Corners Of Sanctuary done on a cold winter day, (c) by Corners of Sanctuary, used with kind permission

Song originally planned as Duet
When asked how he felt about having another singer take the lead for this single, current front man Frankie Cross quickly responded, "This band has done so much for me both personally and professionally. I am beyond grateful. For this song, we talked about doing a duet. I know that's what Mick originally had in mind for the song. But after hearing Kayla's recorded tracks, we knew immediately that having her voice as the lead was the right way to go. As a band we couldn't be happier with the way the song turned out."

In a recent interview on The Keep it Metal Show, the band talked about their consideration for releasing a video for the song in the coming months. “Some initial concept pieces have already been put together for a possible video. More so to give the song an even deeper complexity. But we will see. Like James said, we have a lot of stuff going on at the moment," commented Michaels.

“Dreams” is available on multiple online platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify among others as well as on the COS website www.cornersofsanctuary.com/musiccatalog.html.

The song is also currently in full rotation on Digital Revolution Radio: www.digitalrevolutionradio.com.

Upcoming Tourdates
Look for Corners of Sanctuary this November as they make their way to California for The American Metal Mayhem Tour, November 3rd – 12th, sponsored by Metal Babe Mayhem.

September 22 - Coal Mine Taproom– St. Clair, PA.
(with Threatpoint)

September 23 - The New Penny – Scranton, PA
(with Threatpoint)

November 6 – The Rainbow Bar & Grill – West Hollywood, CA
(with Kantation & Taipan)

November 11 - The House of Metal at Malones – Santa Ana, CA
(with Resistance)

November 12 – C4CORadio.net – Santa Ana, CA
(In studio performance & interview)

More Dates TBA, check the band's website or Facebook page for updates.


CD Review: Mercy Isle - Undying Fire (Symphonic Metal, 2016)

A epic piece of symphonic rock and metal that sets it's focus on dedicated listeners of intensive sounds.

Mercy Isle are a American-Dutch symphonic metal/rock band with massive female vocals. The band is a fusion of American pop/rock with elements of European symphonic metal. "Undying Fire" is the first full length release.

The album art for Mercy Isle's "Undying Fire" record, (c) by Mercy Isle, used with kind permission


Having heard this album several times now it always makes me wonder how deep and completly musicians are able to turn towards music. This album is like it was made to show how much the creators are giving there all and everything into the music.

The longplayer start's out easy with the first three tracks being all songs you would expect of a symphonic metal release these days. The tunes are direct rockers going straight to the meat. You can imagine a crowd going all on it They invite you to let your feelings let go and are a good opener to warm you up for what's to come.

Song four is a ballad turning the tides. Yet easy to access it already becomes more detailed and has some changes in it. This serves as a bridge to "No one will save you" and "Uncaged" both being the hardest to get by tracks. They need the full attention of the listener and are loaded with massive sounds and vocal layers. Being patient pays off and will reveal it's full potential to you.

"I Am" is sort of a crawling number, midtempo all the way but feels warmly welcomed through it's fresh attempt. Something not to be heard that often in this genre of metal. "Saying Goodbye" gives more silent moments - they give you time to take a moment off of the everyday stress and let you dream. The last two tracks give room for the more complex formula deserving higher attention to have the full point. The more often you listen the more you'll enjoy them.

Purchase-Link and Album Preview

If you're after a album that needs several rounds and offers complex and deep song structures "Undying Fire" will give you satisfaction for months. There are also lighter tracks but it surely is for all those that love to focus themselves on music and nothing else. Pick up a copy digitally on Bandcamp or order the silver disc from the same location. The band deserves some bucks for giving us such in-depth music.

For a quick overview I've included the full album stream below.

Upcoming Shows / Contact Data

Some shows have been announced for October 2017 in the Netherlands. Check the band's homepage for more details. Hold a further eye on this band using Reverbnation, Twitter or Facebook.


God In A Cone turn the cube at the shore

Do you remember the Rubik's cube that came out in the 80's? It was a cube with small color fields at each side. The mission was to have every side in one single color.

Thinking back of this puzzle I often feel like the cube could be a symbol for life. Everyone tries to have the same fine and good color on each side (of their life) but no one really ever reaches that aim. Or in other words: everyone tries to have everything tuned fine in their life but there's always something left that doesn't fit.

The open experimental sound project God In A Cone seems to be of a similar opinion and has created a fine new video for the track "Obscurist" of the album "Parasitoid". Besides a cool car ride to the shore it also has the cube with it. I like the good light guitar and vocal feeling that this one features yet there is this slight heavyness at the end.

Make sure to follow God In A Cone on Facebook for everything new that is happening all the while. And there's a lot of stuff going on over there...


Next To None announche August 2017 US dates

Next To None are a cool new band that has come up to my screen. They've put out their second album "Phases" these days and I'm discovering their sound step by step. I think they have something with them that could develop heavy music further.

It's not so much if they are prog metal or anything else but in common I feel that the way the band takes it's steps could be something of giving way for a bigger understanding of music in general breaking the chains of limitations of music. Don't waste your time with limitations. If it's music you like and enjoy it's music you like and enjoy. This seems to be the message to me they send out through their sounds. Check it out for yourselves with the song "Pause":

Readers living in the US can see Next To None this month live touring with label mates Doll Skin.

8/9 – El Paso TX - Low Brow Palace

8/10- Albuquerque, NM- The Jam Spot

8/11 – Tucson AZ – Loadhouse

8/12- Las Vegas, NV- Dive Bar

8/16 – Portland OR – Rock Hard PDX

8/17 – Seattle WA – Chop Suey

8/18 – Lewiston ID - 3rd Wheel

8/20 – Colordo Springs CO – Sunshine Studios

8/22- Omaha, NE- Shamrocks

8/24 – Jackson MN – Ellefson Coffee Co.

8/25 – Mankato MN – Whats Up Lounge

8/26 - Chippewa Falls WI – EveryBuddys Bar

8/27 – Oshkosh WI – Burning Soul Studio

8//28 – Baraboo WI – Private Event

8/29 - Ft Atkinson WI - Hijynx

The band's second album ‘Phases’ has been released through InsideOutMusic in Europe and EMP Label Group in North America.

Next To None online:


Live Review: Semperfield / Insanity Moments - Lingen 15.07.2017

What a fantastic night! It was a great pleasure to discover two fresh bands at this very summer evening. A little story about feeling like going back to the days of your first concert visits.

Having arrived early at the venue was a plus. I had the pleasure to talk to some people outside of the venue and could easily get into the mood for the evening. The venue this time was a youth center that was kind enough to give new bands a chance and host the event. Sure it's small in there but I love the way the few space is used. For instance there's a area where you can put up your jacket. The holders are mounted underneath a nice collection of vinyl that are drapped at the wall. It feels a bit like home.

Precisely at 20h Insanity Moments took to the stage to open up their set. The band seized their chance and gave the crowd a good insight into their unique sound offers. It's one of those young bands that are able to express the situation they are living in through their music. It felt like a wild mix of Rock, Metal and some easier Pop elements. It talked to me as if it's all about what the guys are going through these days - you can feel that there's the power and sometimes the frustration in that comes along in life. I think it's something that feels like pouring out your heart to someone because you can't hold all of this back.

Insanity Moments live at Kotten Lingen 15.07.2017

Vocalist Jan Blume stood out a bit with his fearless performance. For some reason the audience held a distance to the stage but he filled the gap with going straight into there and perform directly in front of those people. I think that surprised most people and added to the good songs of the band. Check out a live recording done at another venue that the band uploaded to YouTube.

Shortly afterwards Semperfield took over and they played their hearts out this evening. While mostly sticking to the Heavy Rock formula the band played a long and very extended set to the audience. This concert sometimes felt endless to me - and that's a good sign. I thought they would never end this set. Semperfield mostly brought their own original material with them which surely has been inspired by the Foo Fighters but was a great pleasure to the writer of these lines. They also played a cover tune every here and there. Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit" was warmly welcomed by the crowd and the audience changed into a pit feeling like a mirror of the power that was circulating on stage.

Semperfield rocked the youth center Kotten at Lingen 15.07.2017

Here's the videoclip for the band's own song "Dusty Paradise" for you to check out.

Finally it should be mentioned that this was part 3 of a new concert series in Lingen, Germany. Part 4 is already coming up and will take place on August 19th 2017 at Alter Schlachthof in Lingen. Kings Call will be the headliner of that evening. Make sure to pick all the further information from the Facebook page for the concert series.