SpiteFuel take us to "Dreamworld Collapse"

Things are moving constantly forward in the SpiteFuel camp. After a successfull first album and lot's of shows during this year the Heavy Rockers are preparing relentlessly new music for their followers. The first fruits of their efforts are already coming into sight so today we can hand the first details of the upcoming longplayer to you.

The upcoming album, which will be called "Dreamworld Collapse", will be released in spring next year via MDD Records and will follow a lyrical and musical concept.

Therefore the band apparently has planned some surprises, because on their Facebook page they are announcing the upcoming album as follows: "We are so happy to work with so many great people on this project to bring you our vision of this record… stay tuned!"

Make sure to stay in connection with SpiteFuel using Facebook so you won't miss out anything.

Knowing that waiting can be a painful thing I've included a proshot live video of one of the band's performances below. The song comes of the first album "Second To None".

It's been filmed with official license of the band but still has the raw and unfiltered charme of a real live recording with it. You can even spot the fun of the musicians in their faces while performing live  during  the clip - those emotions have been captured very well. Not to be seen often in such recordings.


Autumns Eyes give seasons change a sound

We're going closer towards the cold days. Halloween marks the point between the last warmer moments and the going over to the less well-feeling times. How does this change sound in the world of music?

Autumns Eyes have given these season a own treatment with the release of the single called "Death Of October". Musically it cracks the borders of boundaries and limitations. It recalls some modern Paradise Lost songs in my mind, think of the "Host" album or the self-titled record of the same english formation and also Type O Negative can be heard.

This one comes around as a teaser to the full album "Ending Life Slowly" that's going to see it's release at the very end of October - exactly on Halloween 2017.

Pre-orders are now online at https://autumnseyes.bandcamp.com/album/ending-life-slowly and the album's track listing is as follows:

1. Death of October
2. Break the Skin
3. Your Last Day
4. Moments Into Memories
5. The Honest Liars
6. Couldn’t Hold On
7. Far Away From Fading
8. Internal Arson
9. Open Your Eyes, Not Your Wrists
10. Under the Skin of the Sun

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Eyestral put out horror-themed lyric video

I haven't come across a Thrash Metal band that put's out such stuff in a long, long time. In fact I remember Megadeth put out such stuff way back in their beginnings (just had a look into the booklet of the Peace Sells album and that was a fine reminder of how they wrote song text in those days).

The nice thing about this particular one of french Thrashers Eyestral is that the video doesn't just show the song text but also changes in various ways throughout the song duration. The lyrics make me feel a bit scary at times with it's dark and bad setting. In addition it's great to have some progressive elements in the music. It rounds out the package with nearly 10 minutes of ripping guitars and powerhouse drums very good. It's a fine neckbreaker.

This first full song comes along as a sign of the coming release of Eyestral who will put out their first full length record "Beyond" on digital plattforms on October 25th. The longplayer will be available from November 10th in Europe. You may also pre-order the physical release straight away through the webstore of Music Records.

Just make sure to follow Eyestral via Facebook to be notified in your News Stream about further updates.


CD Review: aeons end - IMAGO (Post Progressive Metal, 2016)

Speaking of bands that sound different this progmetal band from Rostock, Germany often comes to my mind. They have such a own attempt and sound so separate from all the other music that I always need some time to get into their music. It's seldom that you come across such unique crafted music these days.

The cover of aeon's end IMAGO release, (c) by aeons end, used with kind permission

In the beginning you may stumble upon the complexity of the sound and it's many layers it offers. Don't let this stop you. I needed some rounds, too. It's overwhelming in the beginning but if you show patience the music takes sharp forms step by step.

All of the six tracks sounds destinctively different, slow in tempo and offer a deep and intensive atmosphere while sometimes edgy cuts of guitars shine through. The voice creates a ghost like feeling, sometimes surprising passages come rushing in at moments when you won't think they would come up ( listen to the song "expand" as a example). They are rich at details so listening to them multiple times is something they invite to often. I found myselves coming back to these compositions many times and that's not happening too often.

The tonality becomes rough and louder but never misses out it's fine note so it doesn't change the overall calm and spheric shell in which the music is packed into. Think of music that may surface as the next step in the landscape of progressive metal music.

The tracks have be given one word as if they should act as a impulse to the listener of what could be done next. The packaging doesn't follow other guidelines - you won't even think it needfully shows the sleeve that typically comes with such music packages. Just look at the six words written at the upper part of the round. If you ever had Latin in school like me you may find your knowledge useful at this point...

Album Stream and Purchase-Link
The tunes are given away for the fair amount of 5 Euro as download files in the format of your choice over at Bandcamp. If that's not your favorite place for music Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play also offer this outstanding EP in their stores.

Make sure to see their socials such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube so you'll be notified at least every here about the latest news. The good old homepage that the band created in a beautiful and dedicated graphical style of the EP is surely also a good place for info so you won't miss out how the band evolves further on...


Flames Of Genesis gives first hints to the upcoming mysterious release

I love to see these days so many ways to express yourself are open to so many people. One of them has decided to open up his chest of knowledge in aspects of secrets and new musical soundscapes with us.

Flames Of Genesis is the creative chalice in which the mysterious entity, known only as The Voyager, distils his blend of music and knowledge and threads through the elixir the quicksilver of secrets brought from beyond the farthest stars. Nameless and faceless he has arrived with his entrancing, all consuming music, offering insights to mystery and a listening experience like no other.
He brings a sound, a vision, a key...

A picture of The Voyager, (c) by Flames Of Genesis, used with kind permission
Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms is formed of seven soundtracks to enlightenment, seven revelations woven within sonic tapestries, seven wonders to be discovered. The grand, layered, cinematic sounds enthral the listener, wrapping them in the cold embrace of space, opening the mind’s eye to sights from the very edge of the universe...and for those whose inner eyes are open, those whose souls listen deeply there are pathways to knowledge, to worlds beyond the distant edge, kingdoms that lie in the void beyond dreams...a bridge to further realms.

The Voyager has many secrets to share and today he has revealed the first hints of all he has to offer.   Seek the first clues within the images and be ready, with open minds and eager ears on November 10th because the debut album from Flames Of Genesis, Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms, will be released by Minotauro Records on that very day. Make sure to follow The Voyager further through his website or Facebook page.


Dancehall to put out post punk on pea green cassettes

This one reminds me so much of how I got hold of my first demo tapes. I used to buy them directly of the hands of band members mostly at shows or when you meet them after school.

The inner sleeve was often handemade based on xeroxed copies made by the musicians themselves. All the music was stored on magnetic tapes that were dubbed by the creators of the music on their home equipment later on also on professionelly produced and printed cassettes.

These guys here called Dancehall have some sort of heavily distorted post punk in the pipe. The recording process came with some nice details that show how quick and raw you can keep things if you want them to. But best of all just have a listen to them while reading the making of.

Owing to the band's obsession with recording songs as quickly as possible, 'KO' and B-side 'Vitamins' were both recorded in one evening at the band's rehearsal space, Kluster Rooms, by friend, producer and co-Vibe/Anti-Vibe label manager, Christopher Smith. The band slept in the studio's live room once recording was completed, only to turn up the next day to their respective jobs unclean but accomplished.

A promo band shot of Dancehall, Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

The songs will be self released on the band's own Vibe/Anti Vibe label. The fresh tunes will come self dubbed onto pea green cassettes and with risograph printed artwork on candy pink card sleeves for Cassette Store Day 2017. You can order them on Dancehall's Bandcamp page. Release date is October 14 2017 for the digital version, the tapes should ship on or around the same day.

Live dates

October 2017

13 - The Lock Tavern, Camden

14 - TBC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

15 - Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands

17 - TBC, Bristol

20 - Harbour Arm, Folkestone

More info of the band can be found on Facebook or Instagram.


CD Review: Trap Lord - Drowning In The Wave (Classic Metal, 2017)

Wow, it's not to be heard often that young bands completly give their passion to the classic days of Metal. This record shows that roughness can be found out there if you're tired of all the polished music.
The front cover of Traplords "Drowning In The Wave" record, (c) by Traplord, used with kind permission

Having heard the songs of Trap Lord several times it gave me a deep reminder of how I started out with music. I used to listen from tapes. They give a direct and raw rendition of the music and that's what these track do for me, too.

Drawing inspiration of bands such as Motörhead and Saxon the music that can be heard sounds as if taken of a live show or rehearsal recording. The band doesn't give too much on polishing their music but instead cares more of the pure heavness. The guitars scream it all out on this one while drums and bass give a very basic note to it as if taken directly of the instruments without any other preparation done instead of attaching a microphone to it.

The fine thing is that slight modern elements have been sneaked into the sound with cleverness. They mix up the straight on forward sound every here and there but never ruin the listening enjoyment. The tempo varies and many groove parts add to the fun of the music. Most tunes come with shorter duration but less can be more - it's better in my ears to have straight good material instead lengthy stuff that doesn't hit the point.

Don't let the raw sound of this package give a negative impression. I enjoyed every minute of it. It feels natural this way and having started out with analogue equipment it inspired me to resurrect my tapes once again.

Album Stream and Purchase-Link

If you'd like to have a quick tip I  point you to the track "Idle Minds" (Song five). It gave me a great intoduction to this band and I hope it will make sure you jump on the train quickly.

The full release is available digitally on the band's Bandcamp page or check out the Heavy Baby Records Bandcamp page to get one of the limited physical copies of the release.

Contact Data

The band shows up on Facebook so make sure to follow the guys over there.


Dirk Verbeuren plays guest drums on Synthetic's track "Hollow"

"Every time you feel betrayed remember life is only a game."

Lyric video can have such a strong expression with it. This particular quote comes from Synthetic's lyric video for the track "Hollow" and I think it will speak out so clearly to a lot of people. The song is such a strong riff hammer. It comes with as many ups and downs as life has colors.

Support on the drums comes of Dirk Verbeuren, who is well known for his work with Soilwork and Megadeth. His typical signature of playing the drums shines very well throughout the song.

The song is taken off from the band's debut album "Here Lies The Truth".

Links to follow the further band activities or puchase the bands productions:


CD Review: Ben Blutzukker - Riptide (Thrash Metal, 2017)

We had the word here on the Underdogs already what two men can accomplish if they really want to. But what can one man alone do if he feels a need to contribute to the world of Heavy Metal?

The answer can be given straight: a lot. Today's technique allows for lot's of possibilities and Ben Blutzukker has taken advantage of them. While he took over all duties for vocals and guitars plus bass guitars by playing them on real instruments it was only the drums he had to add as programming them.

The cover of Ben Blutzukker's EP "Riptide", (c) by Ben Blutzukker, used with kind permission

It's result however is impressive moreover if you think how thick and heavy the sound is he provides. Currently he is preparing the release of EP number two entitled "Riptide".

The cool thing is that the first appetizer in form of a video has been set up as a mini-movie showing a pirate ship with pirates performing the track. It must have been lot's of work to set all of this up. Just think of how to include all the guitars in there (I think they cannot be bought straight away). Plus the drums are cool with many sequences been in time with the real sound.

My favorite is the second track "Stab by Stab". The riff and rhythm go straight and it's pure enjoyment I felt while listening to it. The track has a surprise with it at the very end so make sure to listen to the full track closely.

Track three comes as a wild track showing the rude side of the project going over to softer sides - something sounding surprisingly harmonic. The raw vocals once more give the music a unique stamp making it clear instantly who's playing music right here.

"Bloodlust" goes slightly faster with a straight riff but also few unexpected sound additions towards the end.

"Loose Ends" is a track different from the rest. The song structure is more clustered over the whole duration and comes more riff hacking than ever before. A small but cool drum solo closes out a fine EP.

The release draws near and is set for 6th October 2017 as Download, Stream, CD and LEGO USB Minifigure with many bonus stuff on it all available on his Bandcamp page.  

Contact Data
Follow him further on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

EP Stream
P.S. Don't stop the playback after the video finished. You'll know why once you've done it...